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We got a new thing! Micro Rps are designed to be short, quick fire things. The rules and points are different in these, so be sure to read up on them before jumping in. Rules are important. Rules can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

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 When Schmoukens Attack (EVENT)

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PostSubject: Re: When Schmoukens Attack (EVENT)   Mon Sep 02, 2013 12:21 pm

Shade didn't need to look about to see the countless eyes staring at the trio being led through their streets by the old man.  Whether they were curious stares, or glares of distrust, one could easily feel the tension within the air.  She gave a quick nod of acknowledgement to Zack and kept close to their pace, but not out of uneasiness to their surroundings.  She simply figured the faster they went, the faster they could get the hell out of here and get the answers they needed.  That was until Zack made an unexpected stop to touch something, nearly causing Shade to collide with his back as her boots slid hard into the gravel and her body swerved around him in the nick of time to save them from a collision.  Zack didn't notice the maneuver at all, being too mesmerized by the beam, but upon hearing Tifa's comment about his attention deficiency, Shade scoffed under her breath and rolled her eyes.  If Shade had any reply, Tifa herself would have missed it, with her own attention suddenly averted elsewhere.  

And just as Tifa swiped the soldier boy on the arm with her playful accusation, Shade casually passed them both by to continue following the elderly leader with her own sarcastic banter of humor.   "Seems I may need a leash for both of you to keep your attention on the old fart..."

Finally they came to a destination.  A pretty fancy building for being underground.  It added to Shade's confusion about the whole place.  If they had the means to build an entire city beneath the streets and with the astounding mysterious energy to power it all, how was it no one came up with a way to combine the two to create a fortification to keep the beasts out in order for this civilization to live above ground?  If they had enough power to generate and survive underground, why not implement the power into a powerful electric fence around the city above instead to keep the creatures out?  Once again, Shade kept her trap shut instead of questioning the old man.  To each their own, she supposed.

While standing beside her companions, Shade listened closely to what all the man had to say as his voice echoed throughout the room.  After Tifa voiced some of her questions, Shade shrugged her shoulders casually.  "All I need to know is where to point my sword..."

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PostSubject: Re: When Schmoukens Attack (EVENT)   Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:25 pm

The old man took a look around the room at the three faces staring either at the image on the table, himself or elsewhere. Rubbing his temples the old man did a short stretch before looking to Tifa while she asked her questions. "I wouldn't take foul play off of the table, there are many that would steamroll the town above or even this city for a sample of these crystals. As for who, they would have to be well funded, so anyone from major power companies to military's, anyone with something to gain and the means to get it." Zack couldn't help but smirk as the old man spoke, it seemed like something he had heard before. Taking a seat, Zack lifted his arms for a similar stretch, accompanied by a long exasperated yawn. Hearing Tifa's last few words, the old man lifted an eyebrow over the proposed deal. "I would first have to ask what you younglings intend to do with one of them crystals once you got it. That is presuming you could take down the considerable number of beasts out there and find whoever it is that is causing them to run wild. From what I remember, you had a hard time with even one of those, and a child at that." Zack sat and looked sharply at the old man who at this point had raised his hands apologetically. "I don't mean to doubt you all, I just want you to understand the circumstances. You're outnumbered and if that last fight was any indication, likely outmatched without either some help or planning." The old man began to fiddle with the image, attempting to locate something in particular.

Zack looked towards the other two, hands set on the table as he figured he would ask a question that had likely crossed everyone's minds. "What about weapons? Defenses? You clearly have the ingenuity and the power necessary, and trading should get you any other supplies you'd need." Moving to place his elbows on the table, Zack looked straight into the old man's eyes. "Why let them trample over you when you don't have to?" The old man looked as if he had tasted something bitter just then, his eyes closing for a moment before he continued fiddling with the image. "We fend off the beasts and step up to those trying to get at us, fine. What then? retaliation from both sides until this escalates into war? Drag these innocent people out of their homes and into the front line?" The old man sighed and mumbled shortly before taking a breath. "Hardly anyone knows about this city, and Id prefer that when it is revealed, it be seen as a peaceful, prosperous city, able to stand independently on its own two feet, not as a glorified weapons factory." Zack seemed to nod in approval, however the issue still troubled him. "The sentiment is shared, but without some form of protection or show of force these people aren't going to give you that opportunity. While you attempt to stand up they'll only beat you down with sticks as long as there is a profit to be made off those crystals."

The old man only continued to search for something within the image, a few silent moments that ended as he tapped at a point that then lit up red. "Even so, if we use these crystals for anything other than to sustain ourselves, we're no better than the rest of them. Besides im wagering on another bet." With that both men went silent, the old man looking off towards Tifa before standing up and walking around the table, gesturing at the glowing red dot on the image. "If you're willing to agree to help us, and promise that this crystal won't fall into the wrong hands, then we'll have a deal." The old man leaned on the table and waved his hand over the image, causing the image to expand.  "This area outside hasn't seen much trouble from the Schmoukens, you can get out through one of the city tunnels, backtrack and follow some of the beast's tracks to their nest. Im betting you'll find some answers there." The image showed the aforementioned tunnel, as well as a section of the town above that seemed nearly untouched. "I wish I had more to go on." The old man said, shaking his head as he walked back to his seat and awaited the trio's reply.


OOC End of part I. The event will pick back up soon with part II.

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When Schmoukens Attack (EVENT)
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