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Micro RPs
Fri Dec 26, 2014 5:21 pm by Tifa Lockhart
We got a new thing! Micro Rps are designed to be short, quick fire things. The rules and points are different in these, so be sure to read up on them before jumping in. Rules are important. Rules can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Think of it like Twitter, but less full of GamerGaters, misogyny and racism. At least it better be, banning people is such a hassle.

Go see. Explore. Find stuff. Join in. Peace and love


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 Damage Points

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PostSubject: Damage Points   Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:48 pm


As this particular topic will apply to many of the creation sections as well as take an important role in roleplaying topics (At least those with combat) It seemed best to accumulate all that information into one location.

What are points?

Points are simply units meant to represent the amount of damage/protection that a particular creation (weapon, a piece of armor, a spell, an enchantment, etc...) can afford.

How are they determined?

Points are very easily determined by converting them from magic points (mp). Every one point is equal to ten mp. So for example: A spell that causes five points of damage would be equal to fifty mp. All creations, from spells, weapons skills, enchantments, summons and more will inflict damage or protect from damage based on this principal (Rules apply for individual creations).

All normal melee/weapon attacks cause one point of damage. Normal projectile attacks (Guns, bows and arrows, etc... cause one point damage per attack, not per bullet, arrow, etc...)

In terms of elements

These points are also utilized to indicate the weaknesses of elements. All creations that encounter another creation of its opposing element will lose one point (Just through contact) in order to indicate elemental weakness. These weaknesses can be alleviated or increased using spells, enchantments, armor protections, etc...

In terms of creations:

Spell creations:

Spell creations inflict base damage equal to the amount of mp that it costs. Example: A One-hundred mp spell would inflict ten points of damage (Without taking into account the opponent's protections). There are however some exceptions.

Healing spells (cure, regen, etc...) are also included here, however their mp cost/points simply equal the amount of hit points that they give back to the user. (Example: 100mp healing spell = 10 points of healing).


The reason for these exceptions stem from a problem on occurrences in which for example two spells of equal cost and element but of differing tiers were to come into contact. Which one would win out? In order to solve this problem, extra points were given to higher tier spells, effectively giving them an edge and illustrating the difference in power.

All spells can only cause elemental damage.

Armor creations:

Armor creations protect individuals from specific attacks and specific body parts, ranging from regular melee/weapon protection to elemental affinities. As indicated in the template, armors can protect from:


Any armor can only provide for one point of protection for any of these five modes of damage. Each successive upgrade allows the user to either: 1) increase an existing protection by one point, or 2) protect from an additional mode of damage but only by one point.

Weapon creations:

To reiterate, all basic weapons cause one point damage per attack (Basic weapons mean only the weapon itself, not applying weapon skills, spells, enchantments, etc...) All users must state what kind of damage their weapon will deal in an rp post (Does not need to be stated in template) as it makes no sense to limit a blade for example to slashing damage when it can clearly pierce/stab or even cause blunt damage. However, keep in mind that this must be kept within the realm of possibility, only one kind of damage per attack as well as appropriate kind of damage (A sword cannot cause shot damage, and a gun cannot cause slash damage with its bullets) The five forms of damage are listed once more here:


Weapon spell/skill creations:

Unlike regular weapons, which are allowed room for many different types of damage, and unlike spells, which are only able to cause elemental damage; Weapon skills are allowed to cause up to two different kinds of damage. These will be selected from the five available types, with one being elemental (mandatory). How much damage these two damage types will inflict will be allocated from the skill's total cost (Skill must be over 10mp).

(Example: 100mp weapon skill has 10 points of damage to allocate between it's two types of damages (lets say slash and elemental fire). A member can decide to split it into 5 points slash damage and 5 points fire damage or 7 points slash damage and 3 points fire damage, and so forth.)

The different kinds of damage will be presented here once more:


Weapon spells/skills do not have tiers, meaning they do not gain the extra points benefits that higher tier spells enjoy.

Summon creations:

Note: The summoning cost of a summon is also utilized as the well of MP that the summon has to spend on its attacks. (Example: Summon A's summoning cost is 100mp, it therefore has 100mp to use on its attacks.) Once this amount of mp has been depleted the summon disappears.

Summons can cause any kind of damage, up to two different kinds per spell, and these damages are equal to the amount of mp put into it. (Example: Spell One causes Fire/Slash damage equal to 100mp. This spell then causes 10 points of Fire/Slash damage.) Note: Summon spells are allowed tiers up to tier four and gain said extra points benefits.

The spell tier benefits will be restated here:


Enchantment creations:

Enchantments on this site differ from spells in the sense that they don't cause direct damage towards an enemy. Instead enchantments focus on inflicting statuses (Positive and Negative) These are basically the status spells seen in many final fantasy games (Buffs/Debuff spells such as Bravery, Stone, etc...), however they have been separated into enchantments as it simply seemed important to differentiate between the two. Enchantments use the same point system in order to determine the length of a certain Buff/Debuff with each point adding an additional post length duration for any enchantment.

Example: An enchantment that costs 50mp, and therefore has five points allows that enchantment's effect to last for five posts.

Enchantments that would counteract the effects of a previous enchantment can lessen/eliminate the effects duration depending on its cost.

Example: Opponent A's enchantment inflicted the stone status on Opponent B. Opponent B counteracts this effect with his/her own enchantment which cures stone. Opponent A's enchantment costs 50mp (which equals five points/five post length), while Opponent B's only costs 30mp (Or 3 points/posts length). Although Opponent B's enchantment costs less, it can still be used to lessen the length of the Opponent A's enchantment. 50mp-30mp=20mp which equals to 5 posts duration - 3 posts duration = 2 points duration. If Opponent B's enchantment however cost more than Opponent A's then he/she could have successfully eliminated the enchantment outright.

In terms of class specific creations:

Airship creations:

Points for airships are used to determine damage for it's weapons. Since an airship's weapons function essentially as spells, the same directions for spells will be utilized (Be mindful of the creation rules for airships and their weapons.)

Machine creations:

Machines will utilize the same directions as armors since they essentially change the ability of a piece of armor for a short period of time. (Be mindful of the creation rules for machines.)

Pet creations:

Pets are unique in terms of how they utilize points. Points are used to determine both their Calling Cost (Points needed to call them into battle) as well as their Hit Points (Points of damage they can take before needing to retreat). The calling costs for pets is similar to the tiers of spells, in the sense that a user must spend the minimum amount of Mp in order to have a pet of said tier. A user may pay more to utilize any tier, but they must cover the base cost. This cost in turn determines the pet's base Hit Points (Assuming a user does not spend more than the base cost to call a pet of said tier). Any additional Mp/points added on to a pet's base Calling Cost will also be added to the pets Hit Points.

Additionally, a pet's attack power is likewise determined by this tier base cost. A pet's attack power is static, meaning that regardless of how much extra Mp is placed into the Calling Cost, a pet will only do damage equal to the base cost of its tier (This is done to ensure that overpowering is limited, however extra Mp can still increase a pet's Hp in order to allow it to last longer in battle.)

Said tiers will be presented here:


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Damage Points
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