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Micro RPs
Fri Dec 26, 2014 5:21 pm by Tifa Lockhart
We got a new thing! Micro Rps are designed to be short, quick fire things. The rules and points are different in these, so be sure to read up on them before jumping in. Rules are important. Rules can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Think of it like Twitter, but less full of GamerGaters, misogyny and racism. At least it better be, banning people is such a hassle.

Go see. Explore. Find stuff. Join in. Peace and love


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Fury Leonhart

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PostSubject: CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! (OPEN EVENT)   Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:23 pm

The hallway leading to the ballroom in the Yoichi Place hotel echoed as Fury's boots clicked down it. Light poured into the hall as he pushed the large heavy doors open to reveal the lavishly decorated room. He stopped after just entering the room to give the entire package a once over. Red bows hung from each of the large chandeliers which illuminated the entire room. On both sides of the room were long tables with holly-covered tablecloths. On his left the table was lined with chairs and places for the guests to sit and eat. There was a center piece every six feet of a holly wreathe with red candles sprouting from it. On his right was a long table covered with all types of holiday food from each of the thirteen worlds. Not a single space of tablecloth could be seen upon the long table. He was sure that there was even more food in the back should the need arise. Finally, all the way across the ornate dance floor where many a people have danced before him was the tree and throne. The tree itself was an enormous coniferous tree that stretch all the way from the floor to the tall ceiling. Upon it was large green, red, and gold bulbs the size of basketballs and golden garland all up and down it. Atop of it was a single golden star that seemed to create its own light. The throne sat on an upraised platform so that everyone could see Santa Clause when he arrived and asked each of the children what they wanted for Christmas.

Fury's emerald eyes swooped down to his inner wrist at his watch. Seven o'clock, the guests would be arriving soon. Fury had sent invitations to as many people as he could, but he knew more than anything the guest list would grow. People wanted to spend these times with family and would bring their own guests to the party. He had sent a special invitation out to the new orphanage that was established by a good friend of his sister, Tifa Lockhart. He realized he was one of the lucky ones considering he was able to actually have an adopted family. The thought that he would never know what its like to be raised by his real parents gave him somewhat of a kindred spirit towards the orphans. It was part of the reason why he had taken Serenity under his wing. He wanted those kids to have the best Christmas possible.

As he walked across the dance floor to the tree, he glanced out the window. "Huh... starting to snow..." he said to himself. Large white flakes had begun to fall at a rapid rate. If it kept up at the pace it was at they would have a few inches by the time the party was over, maybe even more by the morning. He had never had a white Christmas and the thought of it excited the kid in him deep down inside.

Fury stopped just short of the large tree behind both of his daughters. Serenity was staring up at the large tree, her head tilted as far back as it could so she could see the star all the way at the top. Alivia, on the other hand, was routing through the presents. She would pick up a present and shake it violently next to her ear trying to discern what it was. Neither of them knew Fury was right behind them. Fury dusted off his SeeD uniform nonchalantly and said, "I don't think Santa would like it if you two were opening presents before he gave them to you." Serenity and Alivia both spun around immediately to face him and Alivia dropped the present she had in her had immediately. Serenity just stood there staring at him with a shocked look upon her face while Alivia slyly explained herself. "We weren't opening any presents, Daddy. We were just making sure they weren't broken. Besides, Serenity was supposed to be on the lookout for Santa..." Alivia nudged her sister who in turn stuck her tongue out at Alivia.

Fury stepped behind them and gently placed his hands on each of their shoulders and nudged them away from the tree. [color=red]"The others will be getting here soon. Why don't you two go find your seats at the table." Both took off for the table to find their names. Fury's face split into a grin as he watched the two take off for the table. He just couldn't help but smile at this time of year.

"What goes through my head before I pull the trigger? One shot, one kill... but sometimes I like to just blow shit up." - Fury Leonhart
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Tifa Lockhart


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PostSubject: Re: CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! (OPEN EVENT)   Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:49 pm

The noise on the bus was verging on the unbearable. Forty-two hyper-excited children, four grumbling teens, one squirrel in a tiny Santa hat and a lone Tifa in the driving seat. Tifa Rubbed her temple and smiled as yet another small child started up a round of "JINGLE BELLS, SHINRA SMELLS". Thankfully, she would only have to endure the earsplitting cacophony for a few minutes more, as she spotted the turn off for the hotel.

"WE'RE ALMOST HERE! MAKE SURE YOU ALL HAVE YOUR THINGS READY, WE DON'T WANT TO BE LATE FOR SANTA" she bellowed over the top of the singing. Surprisingly, it was Squeaker who got the most excited by this news. He began skittering up and down the aisle squealing "SANTA! SANTA!" Tifa pulled the bus up outside the entrance and turned to witness the stunned silence from the once raucous children as they watched the spectacle unfold. After a long and equally stunned pause, she stood up and walked towards the small animal and picked him up by his green and red, festive waistcoat and brought him up to face her, nose to nose. "shhhhhhhhhhh. If you don't calm down, you'll pee yourself again." A quiet snort broke the silence, followed shortly by a round of giggling.

Tifa ushered the chattering children into the hotel and stifled a giggle of her own as the children ground to a halt and each one looked around at their surroundings in awe. They had never been in such a grand building before. She could hardly wait to see their reaction to the ballroom, if the reaction to the lobby was anything to go by. "Come along, my little elves. Party's this way" She held the large door of the ballroom open for the children and all but the smallest two rushed in. She could see by the look of awestruck terror on their little faces that they wouldn't make their way in on their own and she scooped up one in each arm and carried them inside.

Forty hyper-excited children swarmed around the tree, four grumbling teens searched the tables for their places, one tiny squirrel in a santa hat clambered up the tree towards the Star on top and one Tifa with two toddlers in her arms walked up to Fury with a smile "What time's the big man getting here? You'll have to speak up, I'm slightly deaf now"

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Sophia Drake


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PostSubject: Re: CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! (OPEN EVENT)   Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:02 pm

santa rendeer

Sophia heard the singing before she saw the tail lights of the bus head down the winding drive towards the hotel. "This is going to be more lively than I imagined", she thought to herself as she walked up the drive behind the bus. She stopped half way up and stooped down to her pet Naomi, fixed her little fake antlers and red nose in place, hung the little sign around her neck that read "Reindeer in training", kissed the tiny red deer on her forehead and carried on her way "I swear you have never looked more adorable."

Sophia made her way into the ballroom where hoards of children were clearly having the best day of their lives so far and held the door open for Naomi, who trotted in happily. As soon as the baby deer spotted Tifa, she trotted over and nuzzled the back of her knee affectionately. Sophia walked over to the grown ups and said her hello's. She spotted Squeaker in the Christmas tree and raised an eyebrow at Tifa "You need a hand getting him out of there? He looks kinda like an ornament. "
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PostSubject: Re: CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! (OPEN EVENT)   Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:45 pm

Mystic wasn't exactly sure what was happening, but when he saw a bus of excited kids, he checked the time of year. It was around Christmas, and that meant one thing; a party of the Christmas variety. Mystic hopped on his bike and revved it up, waiting for the bus to get a bit of distance, and then just followed it, not exactly sure where he was going. The place they ended up was pretty big to the spiritual boy. Mystic parked his bike around the corner of the place, then casually let himself in. Of course, being around for many years, he new Santa wasn't a real thing, yet these kids were very excited about meeting him, so the boy stayed quiet. He wasn't a party pooper, he could say that. Though he did have to look around in awe. This building was grand! He'd seen some cool places, but this was just an inspiration. Mystic smiled and admired the place quietly to himself.

Hope, faith, destiny blah blah blah.

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Jayda Kinneas


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PostSubject: Re: CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! (OPEN EVENT)   Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:47 pm

The all terrain vehicle came to a wild skidding halt in front of the hotel as the windows to the massive 4-wheel drive continued to vibrate from the blaring holiday music blasting out of the speakers within. Attached to the grill of the military truck was a huge fuzzy red nose, along with a set of overly large stuffed antlers clipped to the windows at each side of the truck, and to top off the vehicular decor, the rack on the roof was doused with glittery silver tinsel. So it was no surprise to those who knew driver that had to make a 3 foot hop out of the transport, that Jayda was fully garbed in the holiday spirit as well.

Just like her vehicle, she chose a reindeer themed outfit as well, consisting of brown leotard pants, a long vest like dress of the same color and trimmed in white fur, complimented by black gloves and black ankle boots. Her antler headband was firmly pinned to her auburn hair, and lined with small bells that jingled every time she moved, and the tip of her nose was painted bright red.

With giggling cheer and a bounce to her step, Jayda headed for the hatchback as her brother was more sluggish to clamber out of the passenger side of the vehicle, dressed far more normally than his overly festive sibling. "I swear Jayda.... you're driving takes off 5 years of my life every time I go somewhere with you!" He only heard her usual chuckling as a reply, and just as he rounded the back of the truck, Jayda was loading his arms with presents to the point that her poor brother could barely see over them to know where he was walking. With a full sack of more gifts flung over her shoulder, Jayda led the way into the hotel, giving a loud cheerful shout of "Merrryyyyyy Chriiisstmaaaasss!!!" to echo throughout the grand foyer and throughout the halls in hopes for a reply from someone to know exactly where the party was being held.

Just then, one of the voice activated toys within Vex's mountain of gifts began to squeak and chatter, while jiggling and vibrating within its box, causing the gifts above it to topple and fall to the floor. and a grumbling groan from Vex.... "....damn dancing Moomba.....
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