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 Shugo Chara: Truth of the Embryo

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PostSubject: Shugo Chara: Truth of the Embryo   Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:48 pm

(Heyo! Trying out a new fanfic, this time with the japanese manga/anime Shugo Chara! This does not take place in the same universe as Sonic Hearts, and this is a completely different dimension. So enjoy, Shugo Shugo!)

Prologue: Eggs? But How!?

Mystic's House

Mystic woke up in his house one day. The ten year old had to go to school today. He had one problem with this though: he had no friends. No one to hang with, no one to trust, nobody. The boy sighed and took his backpack. He walked through the hallway, took some toast, called, "Later mom!" and rushed out the door. The boy casually walked down the street; the school wasn't that far from his house. He just knew this day would be the same boring day as ever. As Mystic left the house, he was hoping somethign new would happen.

Enzo Academy

Mystic arrived at his school. The boy just passed by the students as he walked down the hallways. He was shy around the others, and he didn't speak to anyone because of it. Probably the reason no one friended him. Everyone else alreayd made friends, and Mystic never had the guts to say anythign to anyone. Mystic left the hallways and went straight to his first classroom.
As he sat down for home room, his home room teacher came in at the same moment. "Hello, kids," a silver-haired female said, "I'm your home room teacher, Ms. Solana. But you can call me Emily-senpai!" The girl who called herself Emily was pretty, and she wore a black suit with a white shirt underneath, a red tie with yellow stripes, and a blue skirt. She seemed very cheerful, and Mystic thought she was okay. he didn't show it though, and just stayed quiet about it. This caused the kids who did admire her to start whispering around about Mystic, who sat there with a bored expression. Emily just decided to start teaching class immediately after she did her introduction.

That Night, Mystic's House

Mystic was in his room, reading a magazine. he just thought about how different he was from everyone else. He just put down his magazine, got up, and walked over to the window.
"I wish there was a way to change myself," Mystic said into the starry sky, "I wish somethign could help change me. Please." The boy then just went to his nightstand, turned out the lamp, and went to sleep.

Day 2

The boy awoke, and as he sat up in hsi bed, he felt a lump in hsi bed. Three for that matter. immediately the boy threw hsi sheets off. He screeched.
"Eggs!? In my bed!? Did I lay them!? I'm not even a girl!" the boy panicked, grip tight on the first object he could get ahold of. The boy slowly calmed though, and touched one of the eggs. "These eggs are warm," Mystic examined, holding the egg with the gears on it, "Doesn't that mean they'll hatch soon? I wonder what they are." The boy pondered this thought the whole school day. He decided to carry them around in a pouch on his backpack as he went to school that day. It was just another normal day that day.

Subtitle - Shugo Chara!
The Daily Life - Dark Cloud
Kyou mo li Tenki - Shugo Chara!
Xion's Theme - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Boss Battle - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
In the Depths of the Pit - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky

Hope, faith, destiny blah blah blah.

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PostSubject: Re: Shugo Chara: Truth of the Embryo   Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:47 pm

(Fun Fact: Maybe I won't be as lazy this time for this chapter.)

Chapter 1: Drip, Drop, Splash! What's a Guardian Character?

Day 3
Enzo Academy

Mystic just reached school that day. The three eggs still remained in his backpack. They haven't seemed to hatch yet, and Mystic wondered if they would hatch anytime soon. Mystic, while pacing down the hallway, suddenly heard some girls screaming.
"It's the Enzo Academy Guardians!" one girl screeched. Some kids wearing fancy outfits seemed to walk down the hallway, four of them to be exact. Mystic just got out of the way quickly. "There's Zack, the cool, tall one with the black, spikey hair! He's the Jack's chair!" a girl screeched, "Then there's Lumina, the blonde, long-haired shy one, in the Ace's Chair. The small, brown haired girl is named Yumi, who's the Queen's chair. And there's the King's chair himself, Luke!" The last one seemed to be average sized with glasses and short, blonde hair. Mystic just huffed and let them pass. As Mystic walked away, Luke turned and looked at Mystic, who was walking away from them. "Something about him..." Luke said to himself before being led back by Lumina.

Lament Lake

For gym class, Mystic and his classmates were supposed to go swimming in the lake. They wouldn't go too deep, of course, so no kid would drown. But Mystic knew one thing, he couldn't swim. He wouldn't even dare to touch the water. Mystic shivered as he waited for his turn. When it finally came, he was nervous. "Now, don't be shy, Mystic, it's just some water, won't hurt ya," the gym teacher said soothignly.
"Yes," a voice said in Mystic's head, "Let's change! From a boy who's afraid of water, to a boy who loves the water!" Suddenly, as Mystic's hair changed blue quickly, the boy was up and running, jumped in the water, and swam like a professional. Across the entire lake!
When Mystic reached the other end, tired and out of breath, his hair returned to normal. "Mystic, you swam...a bit too far..." the gym coach said in shock, "Why don't you head back to your gym locker and dry up?" The coach tossed him a towel. As Mystic ran away from there as quickly as possible, he heard some giggling from his backpack.
"Now wasn't that fun?" a female voice called. Mystic slowly took out the egg with waves on it. As his face got closer, it hatched, and a miniature human popped out! Mystic dropped the egg and fell backwards. The mini female, who had blue hair and wore a blue kimono, picked up her egg and smiled. "Aw, what's wrong?"
She obviously isn't getting the message, Mystic thought, then said, "Wh-who, or more importantly, what are you!?"
Wave took thsi casually, "My name's Wave! I'm, like, your Guardian angel...wait, no, a Guardian Character! Now get up, we gotta get back to school, remember?"
"R-right," Mystic managed to say, still not understanding at all. Guardian...character? Mystic thought to himself. Wave explained everything on the way there.

Enzo Academy

Wave explained everything Mystic asked. Guardian Characters are the person you want to be reborn as, or what you are missing inside yourself. Mystic then remembered he asked to be someone else, and Wave exclaimed that that was why they were born. Mystic peaked at the other two eggs; the one with music notes, and the one with gears. Wave said that usually, what's on the egg design is what they're good at. Mystic wasn't completely sure he wanted to accept what the crazy egg-lady was saying, but before he knew it, he heard, "Stop! Get back here!" being yelled a distance away.
"What's happening?" Wave wondered panic-like. A female adult with pink hair rushed around the corner. She ran up to Mystic, placed a lock in his hands, and said, "Keep this! Don't let them have it!" and with those words she parted with the two and ran around the corner. Two dudes in black suits and sunglasses ran by and asked, "Did you see a pink-haired girl anywhere!?"
Mystic hid the lock by now and said, "I think she went, um, that way!" and pointed to the forest, the wrong way to be exact. Without a word, those two left. Mystic peeked at the lock. "Maybe I should keep this for now, what do you think Wave?" Mystic asked. Wave seemed mesmirized by the lock, and Mystic snapped his fingers. The Guardian Character snapped out of her trance. "What's up, Wave?"
"That lock, I feel something...odd, about it. The good odd, at least."
Mystic looked at the odd lock. He put it in his pocket and said, "Let's go."

Subtitle - Shugo Chara!
Archylte Steppe - Final Fantasy XIII-2
Guardians Sanjou - Shugo Chara!
Labyrinth Zone - Sonic 1
Panic! - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
A Walk in Andate - Kingdom Hearts
The Spirit King - Dark Cloud
Battle - Shugo Chara!
Planet Wisp Map - Sonic Colors

Hope, faith, destiny blah blah blah.

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PostSubject: Re: Shugo Chara: Truth of the Embryo   Sun Jul 29, 2012 6:07 pm


Chapter 2: Move to the Beat! Tales of the Guardians!

Day 4
Enzo Academy: Emily's Room

Mystic sat in his seat. Wave explained to him that normal people cannot see or hear Guardian Characters, so Mystic let her rest on the desk as well. Mystic took out his books as Emily walked into the room. "Alright, first bell has rang, so let's begin," Emily said and started writing on the chalkboard. As Mystic was writing down notes, the door opened. Lumina walked in quietly, not speaking to anyone. "The Ace's Chair," Wave remembered. Lumina walked up to Mystic and gave him a folded up piece of paper before turning and walking out as quietly as she came in. The entire class stared at Mystic now. Mystic, nervous, quietly opened the paper. It seemed to be an invitation to a place called the Royal Garden durign lunch. Mystic had passed by it a few times during passing period, but he was told to stay away unless it was urgent. If they neded Mystic, something urgent must've been going on. Mystic refolded the paper, stuffed it in his pocket, and apologized to Emily for the interruption. During lunch, Mystic left for the Royal Garden.

Royal Garden

Mystic walked in, and he was amazed on how green the place was, with plants and flowers everywhere, it was like a greenhouse. Wave floated in behind, somewhat surprised as well. Mystic was so busy looking at things he bumped into another person. "S-Sorry!" Mystic said to Luke, the King's Chair. "It's alright," Luke said calmly, "Come on, let's sit down. You too, Wave." Mystic and Wave both had a look of shock on their face. Luke just smiled and said, "In case you didn't know, the Guardians are all Character Bearers." Mystic was indeed surprised on the way to a table under a shaded roof, where the other Guardians, Lumina, Yumi, and Zack all sat.
Mystic was about to ask some questions, but first he was offered some tea, as well as some brownies. Mystic accepted the treat, then the Guardians introduced themselves and their Guardian Characters. "Name's Zack," Zack said with a hearty smile. He introduced Mystic to his Guardian Character Meji, one with blonde hair, a wizard's cloak, and a wizard's hat as well. Lumina stayed quiet, but her Guardian Character Eliat kept talking...and talking...and talking. She had a headband and a pink dress, with a cell phone attached at her waist. Yumi laughed at Eliat and asked her nicely to be quiet, then introduced herself and her Guardian Character named Blitz. Blitz had a female cowboy outfit and spoke with a Western Accent. Then Luke's Guardian Character floated up. This one seemed to have a general's outfit, and it spoke in a deep voice. And yelled. Alot. "Hello there solider! I am your seargent Damon, do I make myself clear, solider!?" "Y-yes," Mystic said shyly, Wave hdiing behidn him.
Mystic chose to speak next. "Well, I'm-"
"We already know who you are silly!" Yumi butted in, "Mystic Haru, 4th grader! You're very shy and not good at sports!"
"We also know that you can't swim without help from Wave," Zack said teasingly, elbowing Mystic. Mystic was more surprised about how they got this information. "How did you know Wave-" Mystic started.
"We came here to discuss something with you," Luke interrupted this time, "How would you like to join the Guardians? You have a Character, and we have the Joker's chair open!"
"Yeah, it's a special place for the one with three Guardian eggs!" Yumi added. Mystic just tilted his head, but Yumi just informed him, "The Joker's chair is the secret fifth chair of the Guardians! They get all the special tasks, like hunting X Eggs!"
"X eggs?" Mystic asked, "What are those?"
This time Lumina spoke up, standing to do so. "X Eggs are a type of Heart's egg, just like your Guardian Egg. The only difference are that these ones are a child's broken dreams. The child's abandoned dream then flees to cause chaos. Unless the egg is purified, that child will forever be without a dream."
Mystic looked at Wave, who was looking down, saddened. "She's right."
"But your lock has the power to purify the eggs," Lumina added, and that shocked Mystic and Wave. As Mystic took out the lock the pink-haired girl gave him before, Lumina nodded. "The old Joker used that lock to perform the Open Heart, a technique used for purifying the X Eggs."
"Wait, but I don't even know how to do this 'Open Heart' or whatever!" Mystic said, raising his voice alittle. But then, a voice rang aloud.
"Hey, don't let that bum ya' down! Just follow your Beat and go with the flow!"
After that, the egg with the music notes floated out of Mystic's backpack, and out hatched the second Guardian Character. This one has balck hair and black eyes, sported a white hoodie and whtie T-shirt, blue jeans, and a mic-headset combo. It gave Mystic a thumbs up and said, "Don't let the unknown get ya' down! Just chillax and you'll be fine! Am I right?" Meji and Blitz nodded, and soem of the Guardians did as well. Mystic just sighed for a moment, then looked back up.
"You're right!" He said, supporting with a smile, "Thanks, um-"
"Name's Beat! Glad to meet ya too!" Beat said cheerfully.
Mystic then looked at Luke, "These X Eggs sound like bad news," he said seriously, "And if I'm the only one you know who can do it, then I want to help as much as I can! I'll join the Guardians!" Yumi and Zack cheered, and Luke smiled. He handed Mystic the Guardians Uniform and told Mystic that he'd start tommorrow. Mystic thanked Luke and ran off, waving, with Wave and Beat following behind. Beat sure kept the group in high spirits, and, like Wave, they became close as well.

Subtitle - Shugo Chara!
Houkago - Shugo Chara!
In the Depths of the Pit - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2
Royal Garden ni Youkoso - Shugo Chara!
Overworld 1 - Super Mario Bros 3
Cavern of rememberance - Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
Red Sphere, Blue Sphere (Special Stage) - Project Chaos (Sonic 3 & Knuckles Remixes)

Hope, faith, destiny blah blah blah.

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PostSubject: Re: Shugo Chara: Truth of the Embryo   Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:20 pm

(Fun Fact: )

Chapter 3: The Darkness Arises. Get that X Egg!

Day 5
Enzo Academy

Mystic walked down the hallway, having a friendly conversation with Zack and Luke, as the female Guardians had to head to another room. The guys were heading to Emily's room, while the four Guardian Characters chatted by themselves, with Beat cracking an unamusing joke or two. As the guys all sat down, the bell rang, and Emily merrily walked in as usual. "Okay then, students, open your History books to page seventy-two for today's lesson," Emily said merrily. While Mystic and the others participated in class, Wave, Beat, and Meji were goofing off in the back of the room. Emily seemed to look at them and tilt her head, but wiuckly got back to the book in case anyone noticed. While Meji told Mystic's Charas about Zack's chemistry set that he plays with, Damon's voice echoed across the table, "Attention, soliders!"
Meji sighed. "What is it, Damon?"
"Now that we have th Joker around, I say we need to whip his characters into tip top shape!" Damon announced.
Beat elbowed Wave and giggled, "I feel bad for the poor suckers who have to do that." Wave facepalmed and said, "That's us, you dope." Beat just stared off into space for a moment before snapping his fingers, saying, "Oooooooh."
Damon then yelled, "Alright, cadets, now drop and give me 20!" Yet at those words, neither Beat or Wave moved. Damon stared at them before yelling, "Well, do something!"
"I dunno, seems like alot of work," Beat admitted. "My kimono might get dirty," Wave said. Damon just facepalmed and walked off, mumbling loudly to himself.
But quickly, Beat, Wave, and Meji all sprung up. "Did you homies feel that!?" Beat alerted, with the other two nodding. The Guardian Characters floated back to Mystic, with Wave alerting, "Mystic, I think it's one of those X Egg things!"
"What!?" Mystic whispered excitedly, and then Mystic got up and said, "Um, restroom!" before darting off, Zack using the same excuse.
Mystic and Zack dashed down the hallways, and they ended up in the lot out back. It was a beautiful spring yard, only with a floating black egg with an X in the center. "That's it, the X Egg!" Zack announced, before saying to Meji, "Character Change!" As Zack sported a magic star-shaped symbol on his cheek, he made a staff appear and chased after the egg, which fled as Zack chased it. Mystic chased too, and said, "Beat, help!" Mystic Character Changed with Beat, obtaining a mic-headset, and he started singing soundwaves that the egg swiftly started dodging. Mystic growled at this and continued the chase. If we don't get that egg, somethign bad might happen. I can't let that happen. I won't let it happen! Mystic thought, before the Humpty Lock started glowing from his pocket.
Suddenly, in a flash of light, Mystic disappeared inside of it, and he felt Beat's power flow inside of him. When he exited the light, he was wearing Beat's hoodie and headphone, a white T-shirt, blue, baggy jeans, and white gloves.

"Chara Nari: Melody Melody!"

Mystic landed, and he stared in awe at his new appearance. "Wh-what just happened!?" Mystic asked, startled, "What did you do Beat!?"
"That doesn't matter!" Beat's voice echoed in Mystic's head, "Let's just catch that X Egg, yo!"
"R-Right!" Mystic exclaimed, and in his hand spawned a baton. "What do I do with this, conduct something?" Mystic wondered aloud, and he just waved it around, when music notes seem to fly out and grab the X egg, knocking it around a bit, then finally keeping it still. "Alright, I'll finish this now!" Mystic said, as he took the lock out of his pocket and aimed it, yelling, "Open Heart!" The lock fired a heart-shaped beam at the X Egg, and the X broke off of it, reverting it to a normal egg. The Egg than flew off, probably back to its owner.
Mystic landed on the ground as Beat suddenly flew out of Mystic, ending the transformation. Zack and Meji ran over to Mystic and was silent before Zack said in awe, "You pulled off the character transformation! You really do deserve to be the Joker. The Character Transformation is a skill that the Humpty Lock allows. It let the past Joker transform with his characters as well."
"I felt an incredible rush of power! That was amazing!" Mystic said happily.
Zack put his arm around Mystic's shoulder. "Coem on, let's get back to class before anyone thinks anything funny." The two darted off with their Guardian Characters in tow.

Subtitle - Shugo Chara!
Houkago - Shugo Chara!
Disney Castle - Kingdom hearts 2
High Speed Action - Shugo Chara!
Chara Nari Amulet Heart! - Shugo Chara!
Minor Boss - Sonic & Knuckles
Quartz Quadrant Good Future - Sonic CD (JP/EU)

Hope, faith, destiny blah blah blah.

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PostSubject: Re: Shugo Chara: Truth of the Embryo   

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Shugo Chara: Truth of the Embryo
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