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Micro RPs
Fri Dec 26, 2014 5:21 pm by Tifa Lockhart
We got a new thing! Micro Rps are designed to be short, quick fire things. The rules and points are different in these, so be sure to read up on them before jumping in. Rules are important. Rules can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Think of it like Twitter, but less full of GamerGaters, misogyny and racism. At least it better be, banning people is such a hassle.

Go see. Explore. Find stuff. Join in. Peace and love


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 World Leader Application

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PostSubject: World Leader Application   Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:28 am

World Leaders!

Requirements: RP Skill, Dedication, Intelligence, Motivation.
Note!: Activity IS a requirement to keep world rulership status. It has come to pass, in the past, that once a member obtained a world, they up and disappear. Now, if such happens after a long period of time, that member will loose rulership to said world

The following template must be filled out, then posted here. APPLICATIONS ONLY!! NO COMMENTS PLEASE! Very Happy

World Leader Template

Name: (Your Name)

Alignment: (Yes, it matters. What alignment you are shapes your world and what allies you may possibly have. Are you Good/Bad, Neutral, Chaotic etc.)

World applying for: (Simple, give me the name of the world)

Plans: (What do you plan to do with the World if given? How will you advance your world’s role in the roleplaying community on the site?)

World’s Army: (If given world. Describe the army in which you will create to defend it. Please go into detail, but don't go overboard. The army must comply with what exists in the stated world.)

Roleplaying Sample: (Make this impressive. VERY impressive. In this, show your rp skill! Include how you became the Ruler of the World; the events that led up to it, and how you perceive the citizens of that world feel about you as being the ruler. Be creative. Don’t make it simple like I killed the last ruler then done. Make it as creative as you can!!)

Most of all, have fun with this. Wink I'll give it a couple weeks or so to give those interested plenty of time to write up an application, so please do not feel rushed. I'll even make a post regarding a final deadline to be sure we have all applications submitted before final decisions are made.

Current Worlds without a leader are:





Current Rulers ARE:
Telira: FFI
Balendine: FFIII
Wind VI
Shade Leonhart: FFVIII
Cypherous Montarus ((Gohrick's Main)): FFX-X2
Fury Leonhart: FFXIII

Some of the staff we're approaching the idea of having a World Leader meeting once more, and I'm all for that once we confirm the stability of active world rulers again. So I'll leave the application up for a few weeks and take things from there before we proceed further.

As always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me via PM Wink

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PostSubject: Re: World Leader Application   Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:50 am

World applying for: Final Fantasy IV

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Plans: World domination, though something that would be extremely amusing for Azmot to achieve, is not his first priority. His first priority is to advance the worlds technology and medicines, to make the population healthy and intelligent. After all, ruling rats wouldn't be amusing at all.

World’s Army: The main brute of the force will be Summoners, just so that the army will double, triple, or even quadruple in size once the battle begins, for a short amount of time, that is. There, of course, would be large regiments of warriors as well, combined with spell casters, but it would still be the minority of the army. This army consists of 7 regiments, which consists of-

First Regiment; The first wave of the army, usually put in at the front lines, consists of around 400 mages which specialize in spells with wide-damaging effects, trying to eliminate as many opponents before dying, retreating, or having to rest. They specialize in Fire, for it has a particularly large field of disaster and spreads fast.

Second Regiment; The second wave of the army focuses on debuffing opponents and clearing out the mostly weakened ones from the first wave. This regiment, however, is specialized in debuffs only, so it is much smaller than the other regiments. It consists of only 250 magi.

Third Regiment; The third installation of the army specializes in summoning magic, of the specific fire deities. This is so that the regiment can defeat mass amounts of the weakened enemies. This group is of medium size, but it's duration is extremely limited to a small amount of time. It consists of 350 mages.

Fourth Regiment; The forth placement contains one of the only two regiments that consists of non-mages. This is a large band of Dark Knights which focus on taking out aggro-drawing enemies and by physically breaking through the enemy line. The largest group, it consists of 650 warriors.

Fifth Regiment; Another collection of summoners, this one focusing on water-based summons, which is to Azmot's liking. These summons focus on ranged attacks which cause status debuffs on contact; However, though this is a summons group, it lasts slightly longer than the third regiment. This group consists of 300 MP.

Sixth Regiment; The final installment of warriors, this group of dragoons take flight to attack individual opponent's that cause trouble in the fight. A more of an assassination core, they stick to the skies and jump to defeat their opponents. These brave knights are the smallest regiment, however, and are of a mere 200 people.

Seventh Regiment; The final and strongest of the regiments, this average-sized group consists of Black and White mages, half of each. The black mages concentrate on distracting and defeating the opponent's causing the most trouble, mixing in Lightning and Ice magic to defeat large amounts of opponents at the same time. The White mages heal the defeated members of the army, allowing them to go on and continue the fight. This regiment is the second largest, it's size at 550 at capacity.

Roleplaying Sample:

A hooded man walked across the dark, moonlit streets of the now vacant Twilight Town. During the day, people flushed the streets with joy and curiosity, yet in the dark, things were on the other side of the proverbial coin; Shady characters would move in and out of the alleyways while they eyed you, who was a simple passerby. They're greedy, hungry, but most of all pathetic eyes were not only filled with a miserable sorrow, but a gluttonous thirst. You see, about 3 or so months earlier, this kind of activity was rare. No one roamed the midnight streets prowling for an object of obsession, nor did random acts of violence occur, usually leading to a murderer cleaning out the wallet of an innocent man.

This changed, though; this city was no longer a safe town for those who enjoyed midnight walks. This town was something heard in legends, fairy tales told to toddlers to keep them in check. This town was now apart of the modern day world; this town was a living nightmare. At night, this town was it's own hell, it's own separate entity. Azmot, as of others, could easily hear of the darkness this place held, the screaming fear it put into each and every one of it's citizens hearts. This place made the grown quiver and the young cry.

The young demon now heralded across this town, still hidden by his cloak, as he had 2 months ago when he arrived. Two to Three times a week, this man could be seen walking into the alley's, looking for these fabled men, who some claimed had become monsters. Every night that he journeyed, however, nothing was found. It was like they could smell the conviction on his breath, like they could tell he was here to reap what these men sowed. That was, however, until tonight.

A gust of late-night wind blew the cloak off of the figure's head, un-masking his face to reveal a young looking man, perhaps an older teenager. As of now, Azmot's age had reached 16, so his... finer qualities were expanded while puberty had started to come to a slow. His face was a bit more masculine than before, and his once squeamish-looking arms now seemed more defined.

He was of a good strength now, and his skin looked moderately healthy as well. His eyes swayed the same mocha brown as they had years ago, his hair was still a bit off center, but it didn't give him a boyish charm as he once had. He now had a "Manly Charm", as he put it, which used to make Mark, Alex, and Sophie laugh. He really missed the Three of them, but he realized that it was to painful to reminisce about old times. The Chamber.... It was to much to bear even thinking about it.

Lost in his thought, Azmot foolishly did not notice the man in the alleyway next to the road he was walking on start to slither towards him, not giving him enough time to take in all of his facial details. As soon as Azmot did notice him, the man ducked his head beneath a hood of his own.

Shit, Azmot thought, mentally reprimanding himself. Now he couldn't identify who was a part of this whole crisis. Still, he had to play his part one way or another.

"So man... You play ping pong?" The man asked in obvious code. Well, it was obvious to anyone who had intercepted a message between this particular group of people.

No, I actually prefer a nice game of Tennis. Azmot spoke in very articulate code, matching it word for word as he had practiced. After a long pause between the two men, the other one suddenly spoke, his voice a bit different than before. All of the desperation was now emulated between his words instead of his eyes, just waiting to see if he had hit the jackpot.

"Ok... Follow me." The hooded man kept low as they maneuvered an uncountable number of pathways between buildings and through strange doors. Finally, they arrived at a poorly-hidden cellar door near the whole that lead to the forest.

With shaky hands, the man opened the door with a large creaking sound escaping into the air. As the two started to walk down into the darkness of the deep underground, Azmot realized that he was about to delve into one of the most dangerous world he had yet, the belly of a beast that rivaled the Devil himself. Azmot was about to enter the world of drugs and drug associates.

The pure Darkness of the well lit tunnel was aggravating. It was at-least 20 feet long, which prompted the two to make small talk. However, due to the un-comfortableness between the two, neither took the opportunity to speak. Steps passed in the dark silence, the tension between the two growing with each step. As they closed in on the door, the hooded man started to stumble on a jagged rock that was obstructed from the floor, and as he fell something slid out of his pocket.

A dark, purple vial which glowed in the darkness was the object that ejected from his cloak's pocket, and it started to plummet towards the ground. With a quick motion, Azmot grabbed the vial and put it into his coat pocket, looking at the man reassuringly when he looked at Azmot.

He seemed to not know anything about the catch after his slight stumble, so they moved towards the door without a problem. A burly man of about 6 foot and 5 inches answered, recognizing the hooded man and allowing them to both enter. The scene was a bit incredible, actually, and Azmot was surprised at how elegant the place looked compared to the rocky tunnel he had just associated this crowd with. Marble, cleanly washed floor was made by what seemed to be experts.

It was pearl white, the intricate grooves crafted with such a way that the floor seemed to make it wave, to move in a very subtle fashion. Over to the right of the mildly populated area, a row of dark vials were neatly aligned, very similar to the one he had grabbed earlier.

Though quizical, Azmot was aware that it was not wise to go and investigate before he was aware how this product was used. As if on cue, a well dressed man slid a large amount of munney across the table were the vials were, the man who seemed to be selling this product giving him a quart of a vial. Apparently, this dark liquid was extremely expensive, and that man who "lost" his full vial was going to be enraged.

As soon as the man got it, he eagerly opened it and held the open side up to his neck. The liquid seemed to seep into his skin, and the suited man's eyes turned yellow. He took a big smile that didn't seem to fit the suited man, and he soon after moved towards a chair that had a television directly in-front of it.

With no other real option other than to ask the man what he was selling, which was an ignorant and very stupid question. It was obvious to Azmot what all of the recent crimes were linked to, what it was all related to, what the connection between the crimes and the desperate men. It was all about drugs. Pulling out a the full vial, Azmot popped it open and held it to his neck. With a fluid motion, he popped it back and took a full hit.

The first thing he saw was black spots in his eyes. The next thing he saw was nothing. The last thing he saw was a hazy version of reality, distorted in every little way one could imagine. He was lost now, having to wait for someone to talk him down or for the effects to were off. The bottle smashed against he ground as he moved towards a chair, grabbing some Cheet-Ohs and looked in delight as he began an episode of "Dora the Explora".

(Random RP sample, hope you like. Oh, Azmot's a demon in this one.)

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PostSubject: Re: World Leader Application   Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:47 pm

Can you please put a whole more detail in the army bit? Especially since you're stating that your using Summons?

Basically, with such a vague description here, it pretty much leaves the door wide open to one doing and creating what ever they will off the top of their head *should* one decide to RP their army in an attack.

What kinds of summons? How powerful are they? How big is this army? what do they use? Not every Final Fantasy world uses the same weapons, so be sure it goes by this specific world's standards. Are the mages offensive based? Defensive based? Both? Those are just some of the details you need to think about and be thorough with.

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PostSubject: Re: World Leader Application   Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:13 am

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PostSubject: Re: World Leader Application   Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:03 pm


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[03:18:08] @ Fury Leonhart : Shade, I didn't mean YOUR ass specifically, you dumb f@#%
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PostSubject: Re: World Leader Application   Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:19 am

Alright... announcement time

For those who are current world leaders and not RP'ing.... you are hereby warned that your rulership is about to be revoked.

Balendin: Ruler of World III
You have not RP'd here since December 11th, 2011

Wind: Ruler of World VI
You have not RP'd since May 25th 2012

Azmot: Ruler of World IV
Although it's just been a month since you RP'd in your single thread here, there was a new thread started in YOUR world two days ago by a member that sat there for 2 days while you've been logged in here. Sorry if I find it annoying that you stopped RP'ing completely just one week exactly after you gained the world.

Cypherous Montarus: Since you have continued RP'ing with your Gohrick account recently ((and in the midst of moving for the 2nd time)), you are exempt from revocation at this time

As of the day of this post, you have a week to decide what you wish to do. If I receive no word from either ruler, or no activity shown by said rulers, then rulership will be revoked. Again, I'm giving you a week from today....

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[03:18:08] @ Fury Leonhart : Shade, I didn't mean YOUR ass specifically, you dumb f@#%
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PostSubject: Re: World Leader Application   Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:08 pm

You can revoke my leadership. I am far too busy to keep up with role playing here in my current state of affairs. Hopefully I will be able to come back and rp again in a couple months.

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PostSubject: Re: World Leader Application   

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World Leader Application
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