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We got a new thing! Micro Rps are designed to be short, quick fire things. The rules and points are different in these, so be sure to read up on them before jumping in. Rules are important. Rules can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

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Go see. Explore. Find stuff. Join in. Peace and love


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 A Bad Day at Brigade HQ...(OPEN)

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PostSubject: A Bad Day at Brigade HQ...(OPEN)   Fri Dec 23, 2011 8:22 pm

(going to take a whack at this again, hopefully I don’t need to be retaught to RP 0.o)
Tora, Rhodes, and Xavier left early in the day to go do some joint fighting excersizes. Tora was facing Xavier and Rhodes in hand to hand combat to work on his close ranged fighting skills. Meanwhile the squiggles were left to deal with the workings of the Brigade for the day. The Squiggles were workign extra hard to make sure that everything ran smoothly while the three 'masters' of the house were gone. People were going in and out the entire day making files for missions, and workings around the town that needed to be done. What the Squiggle were not prepared was a group off young squiggle causing mischief around the building. A group in the back were working in the file warehousing section when a small Squiggle accidently knocked over a few of the filing cabinets. A Squiggle on the other side of the wall was cooking and spilt cooking grease over an open flame because the crashing sounds startled it. The flames spread rapidly and the alarms began to go off. Squiggles were moving left and right, trying to gather water for the burning inferno before them. The flames were getting too big too quickly and many of the Squiggles had to evacuate immediately. People from the town were gathering around helping the Squiggles as best as they could. Tora, Rhodes, and Xavier saw the smoke from a distance and immediately began running back into to town. Tora took the lead as he leapt unto a nearby building and saw in the distance that the Brigade HQ was on fire.
"Rhodes HQ's on fire."
"Shit, we had better hurry up then."
They all three ran as quickly as they could back to HQ, and as the came aroudnt he corner they saw a large group of people gatherd, many of whom were helping. The others just seemed to be spectators. Tora lead off intot the building the other three behind him.
"Tora take this floor, me and Xavier will take the upper floors."
"Roger that."
Tora was sniffing the air for any scents of people, or Squiggles, however he couldn’t smell anything over the smell of ash. The three split up Tora took the back rooms, while Rhodes and Xavier went to the upper floors.
“Hey is anyone here?”
He didn’t hear it immediately, but a few seconds after saying it he heard a small squeal. He followed the sound to its source. It was a small Squiggle; its tiny legs were pinned beneath a pile of rubble that had fallen from above. Tora ran towards the little creature, and moved the rubble from on top of the little guy. Tora wasn’t much of a doctor, but even he could tell that the poor things legs were hurt pretty badly. He headed farther back into the inferno trying to find any more survivors. The heat from the fire was finally starting to get to Tora; his breathing was becoming heavier as each second passed. He found a couple of Squiggles trapped in a small cage that had fallen unto them. Another was stuck in the ventilation, trying to get out that way before getting stuck. Immediately after being rescued they ran out as quickly as they could. As Tora was heading back down the main hall, a large piece of the ceiling fell down onto him. He held tight to the squiggle, as he fell he lost consciousness. The squiggle was beginning to panic a bit, shaking Tora’s head trying to wake him up. It wasn’t working, but then the little guy bit Tora instead, right on his right ear.
That seemed to do the trick; Tora carefully pulled himself out from under the rubble being extra cautious with the Squiggle. The little guy was still really upset about the situation, and Tora was doing his best to get them out of it. Tora kept running as quickly as he could and once he reached the main lobby, he noticed the door was blocked and so that way was out of the question. However they were in luck, a window a few feet away was unblocked, but Tora could see that the ceiling there above it was about to give way any second now as well. Tora held the Squiggle a little bit tighter, and curled him into his arms. Tora bent down and ran, pushing forward with his right leg and leapt out of the window rolled out into the street. Just as he did the inside of the building exploded and pieces of the building went flying just missing him and the Squiggle.
“Well, I got a new name for you little guy, Lucky.”
It would seem that Rhodes and Xavier had made it back ok, they both had saved quite a few of the Squiggles as well. The squiggles they saved all looked all in good health, but the little one was not very lucky. One of the Squiggles who specialized in medicine that they called House, called for the other Squiggle to take him away from Tora immediately.
“Take him to intensive care.”A couple of Squiggles in nurse uniforms put the little guy on a stretcher and carried him off. Tora on the other hand was being examined by Xavier. Other than a few bruises and scratches he was ok. Xavier and Rhodes looked like they were mostly just covered in ash.
“What do you think is going to happen to the little guy?”
“We’ll just have to leave it to House.”
The doctor Squiggle came back minutes later, a grim look on his face. He looked at the three of them and slowly spoke.
“We did all we could, but”
“You mean he didn’t make it?”
“It may have been better if he hadn’t, the young Squiggle will never walk again, and his muscles are too burned and were torn too badly during the fire.”
A look of shock and horror came upon Tora’s face as soon as the doctor finished what he was saying. He was furious, and began screaming at the top of his lungs.
“There has to be something we can do, can’t he get prosthetics?”
“Sadly the nerves are gone from the thighs down, attaching them would be pointless.”

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A Bad Day at Brigade HQ...(OPEN)
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