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We got a new thing! Micro Rps are designed to be short, quick fire things. The rules and points are different in these, so be sure to read up on them before jumping in. Rules are important. Rules can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

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Go see. Explore. Find stuff. Join in. Peace and love


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PostSubject: Marie    Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:42 pm

Hello and welcome to the Marie ride at Fanfic world, which is part of miscellaneous world. Before we start please do not take any flash photography for it may disturb those around you along with the people involved in this ride. We also like to note to please silence your phones, and please keep all limbs inside the vehicle. Now, let's begin!

The first story, which takes up a lot of this is a story about Marie Blanc and her life before and after the French Revolution.

The story then changes and it's about another Marie Manon, this time the story revolves around some journal entries she has written about Napleon.

This was an assignment for history class. The story had to be simplified enough for a 10 year old to understand. I don't think I did too well. There's quite an amount of errors in here. Wish I had like an editor or something.

Marie of Revolution

Estates General and Tennis Court Oath

Dear Marie,
Do not worry about me. I am fine. Though I worry about France. Um…it was my worry that made me do what I did. I apologize Marie.
But do you know how bad France is now?
We are in a Financial Crisis! We have so much debt (money that needs to be paid off) and it’s us, the Third Estate with the most and poorest people that is suffering.
I've study well and good on how we came to be this way. Poor, upset, angry with very little or no money.
It all starts with the building of the Palace of Versailles. That Palace is so huge, luxurious and from what I heard it cost much money. It is this building for the rich that first put us in the lake of debt. It then became worse because the money spent on army men in wars. Money used to pay for food, clothes, weapons and everything in the army.
It was after that when we lost the Key War to England. More debt. Then the poor harvest in 1788 and taxes increased on the Third Estate. While everyone else (Second and First Estate) paid little or none. The duty of saving the country from debt was not given to those who were responsible (except for the poor harvest); instead it was shoved to those who had very little hand in France's poor condition.
At first, when I wrote this letter I wanted to inform you but now. Now I am angry at France's leaders! And I will do something, no matter what about this.

A young man dropped his pen. He had written a letter by candle light, it was sunset. "No…I can't send this." The young man said before walking away from the desk.
He walked out into the hallway where he ran into a man a bit older then him. “So you’ve finally came out of your room” “Yeah.” Replied the young man.
“Thanks for letting me stay here.” “Anything to help a fellow comrade. Besides, you work well enough to stay here.” He said. The young man nodded his head before going to a room with and sitting at a table that had a plate of food on it. The room was split into two different sides, the side with the table and chairs and the side with the fireplace and furniture.

Marie Blanc was in the gardens of a beautiful palace she had just bought. The palace of Versailles. There were gold and beautiful paintings, along with many fountains and beautiful doors and walls. Everything was beautiful in Versailles.
"Oh palace which my Grandfather had given up his own town, Toulon and money for. Who put my beloved France in debt. I finally have you! I can now let everyone in and not just mean nobles!" Marie said to herself while looking at a fountain.

"Marie!" Someone called their voice far away. "Marie!" Marie turned her head this way and that but didn't see anyone. "Marie, wake-up!"

Whack! Marie opened her eyes instantly. Her head hurt badly, she rubbed it as she looked around. She was in a small room with faded colors and colors completely gone here and there.
"Marie! Finally you wake up!" Said a woman's voice. Marie turned her head and in front of her was a woman with long wavy brown hair, frowning down at her. Noir, Marie thought.

Noir is Marie's godmother. She had lived with Noir after her mother got ill and died from her illness. Her father was still in the Paris jail, Bastille. Her Uncle and Aunt were still living in Bordeaux. While her godfather was oversees selling or maybe helping his workers. Marie forgot, but her godfather was almost always away earning money and sending letters and gifts. With visits every now and then. He absolutely loved his work and his hobby of writing.

"If you don't get up soon. I'll pour cold water on you Marie." Marie knowing she wasn't kidding jumped to her feet. "I'm up." She said sleepily. Soon she fell forward and began sleeping on the floor. "I'll go get the water." Noir said leaving the room to get water.

Marie had just gotten warm from her water wake-up. She was now in a large room. Filled with many different people who were split up in 3 classes and put in different sections.

One section held the richest people, the First Estate. Within the First Estate are the upper clergy (High rank Church people like bishops) and the lower clergy (local priest). Though the lower clergy wasn't as rich as the upper clergy they still lived in nice houses and had time and money to spend on things. It makes one wonder if they even do their jobs with so much things being bought by them. There’s not many of them though.

Another section held the second richest, the Second Estate. It was these people that held the highest positions in church, government and army. They lived in nice places too, there are even those who live in the Palace of Versailles and there were even those who weren't even that rich and had nothing but a famous name. Like the First Estate they spend on a lot of things, still making one wonder if they do their jobs.

And the final section held the poorest and sort of like the Second Estate people, which is called Third Estate. This group of people pretty much had everyone and it’s the biggest group. Within this group are peasants, people who work in the city, farmers, and those middle class like people. (Lawyers, doctors, bankers, merchants, and more) It was also this section that was the only group of people that had to give money to the country of France. There were also many people in this section that was unhappy with how much they were suffering even though they worked very hard while the higher estates were not suffering and not working hard.

Marie looked down at her feet. I can't believe I'm in the palace of Versailles, in a meeting called Estates General. Being part of deciding how to fix France. Marie thought. Her thoughts were soon interrupted, by many people disagreeing with the voting system to decide something. That instead of voting by each estate that everyone should vote. Marie could hear and see so many different reactions from people in the first and second Estate. Some frowned, looked at the third estate in disgust, whispered to each other or just laugh. The King then told the estates to be quiet and said he liked the current system. Sadly for the king this had just made people in the third estate angrier.

Dear Marie,
I don't know why I came here. No...wait, I do. I came here for you. I was in the next town when I heard of the Estates-General. I came there looking for you, but you weren't there, unfortunately. I didn't see Noir either. Though luckily for me I saw some action. After the King decided not to change the voting system. The Third Estate (us) created National Assembly, (June 20, 1789) we created a constitution! But that was three days ago. Today, (June 20, 1789) since we were locked out we went to the Tennis Courts and had a meeting. Sounds silly right? Well I felt silly for being in there discussing about rules and things that need to be change in France. In the end we created a new constitution!

"I should just see her at the house, but..." A young man began. He paused for awhile, going to say more but stopped. "No...I can't just assume I'm welcome there." He continued. He got up from the desk and walked away from it.

Storming of the Bastille

July 14, 1789

A man with a dirty face laughed very happily. He was outside a big building, a prison. "Bye Bastille! I doubt I'll ever see you again!" He called back at the building. He was now walking away from it.
I can't believe it! I can't believe it! I've heard that the troops are around and the people got scared. They thought that the king was going to do something to them and so they formed an angry mob to get gunpowder. They then killed the royal guards, (since it is owned by the king) even though they did shoot at them and the people then took over Bastille! Luckily for me there were a few that let prisoners out including me! Oh France what is becoming of you?! Letting out prisoners and killing royal guards. Tsk, tsk, tsk. He thought continuing walking farther and farther away from Bastille.

Eventually, the man had come to a house. Finally here. He thought. Before knocking on the door. Which did not take too long to open. In front of him was a girl with his nose and chin. Her hair was long, wavy and dark brown, while her eyes were brown. The man smiled as tears streamed from the girl’s face. This girl, well young lady, is his daughter, Marie.

March on Versailles

Marie was in a crowd of women in front of the palace of Versailles. All had different sorts of weapons in their hands. From pitchforks to scythes and swords to guns. Marie herself was holding 2 swords, which belonged to her family and had been hidden until today. Next to her, her godmother Noir, held one pistol while the other was in a belt along with bullets.
All the women and young ladies were all angry that the king and queen were letting them starve as they lived in luxury.
The crowd of women shouted, “Let us in, give us bread!” “Go back!” Shouted the head of the group of guards in front of the palace. “You can’t come in, just go home!” “Give us bread!” Shouted the women. “I’ll ask you to go back one more time, if not then I-” Lots of women came up to him and the other guards. They began to fight them and soon the women became victorious, with the guards on the ground. Though so many women stormed into the palace all packed together like sheep that even if one was alive, he would definitely be dead now from being trampled to death.
More guards came, and the crowd soon split up into groups. One, who stayed to fight while the other was moving forward towards the king’s room.

Marie lifted the swords as she began to run. She swiftly cut off hands and feet of guards, moving on to the next one and letting the women being her take a whack or two at those who fell to her blade.
Marie truly did not need to fight that much until they were close to the king’s room.

There, it looked like and was war. Women verses the guards, swords and pitchforks clanged together as shots were firing. As all of this was happening guards and women were falling to the ground out of pain or were dead.
Marie knew that fights here were serious. Her attacks became more than a cut off hand or foot, but the guards were also making it nearly impossible for a foot or hand to be cut.
Marie was now fighting a man who was about a foot and 7 inches taller than her.
“You’re a pretty good fighter girl. Are you sure you’re not a boy?” He then tried to slice off Marie’s arm she blocked it but he quickly pulled out a knife. He was hoping to slash off the top part of Marie’s dress, but she dodged and the knife only ended up cutting part of the top part of her dress. Luckily for her it didn’t slice off the whole top part and even if it did only a bit of her cleavage would have been shown. “Ah, so a lady you be.” He said proceeding to cut Marie’s stomach. She blocked it and stabbed him in the shoulder. Her blade went all the way through and when she yanked it out, blood poured from the wound. Marie shook the blood off the blade, making the floor spotted with the man’s blood.
She was just about to leave when she saw him get up. She charged toward him, closing the space, aiming for his heart. When she had suddenly changed her attack point and aimed for his lower leg. She sliced it off almost cleanly and proceeded to run away as he fell to the ground.
“Marie, you fight like a soldier!” Commented a mid 20 year old woman with brunette hair. She had a scythe in her hand. This hinted what she did for a living, farming since scythes are mostly used for reaping (cutting grass, weeds etcetera.) Either that or a farmer’s wife gave her the scythe. “Thank you!” Marie called back, just before defending herself from an attack. She began to fight some more. France, you have changed. Your leader is not worthy to say-no not even worthy to be in France! He has done nothing with debt! He tried killing us but we fought back and took Bastille from the fat man on the throne! Now he and his dull wife are going to let us starve?! On top of that it’s his entire fault that I have lost people who I care about! I sure hope that the god who has pronounced him king. A god who I believe does not exist, gives mercy on his soul and allow me not to get to him first. For if I do, I’ll have him feel the same amount as pain as I do!
She then finished off the guard before moving to the king’s room, with other women.
It was as she ran down the hall that she bumped into the young man.

We, the national assembly heard some racket. So we decided to check it out and not only did we hear, but we also saw women fighting! We couldn’t believe our eye or our ears. To figure out more what was going on, we left the tennis courts to investigate.
Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately I ran into a familiar looking young girl.

Marie looked at the young man in shock for a moment, but her face turned red with anger soon. The young man smiled. “Hello, Marie.” “What are you doing here?!” She asked pointing one sword at him. She could hear a guard approaching her screaming. “You’ll die!!!” She turned around and cut him at the waist. The young man swallowed as he watched her do this action. He then quickly refocused all of his attention back to Marie. Marie turned back around, and pointed the sword back at him. “I should be the one to ask. After all you’re the one storming in the palace taking down guards like a soldier at war and getting blood all of your dress. Marie, just what the he-” Marie slapped the young man, ignoring the other battles that were happening around them. “Don’t you dare lecture me! Don’t you dare tell me what to do!” Marie huffed out a breath. “You lost that right the moment you decided to leave me alone!” She inhaled. “Now get out of my way!” She then pushed him aside and moved forward.
Stopping suddenly, because the young man decided to grab her arm to stop her. “I’m sorry Marie.” Marie glared at him, before yanking her arm from him and walking away in rage. She turned around, looked at the young man and said. “Antoine, father has come back. He’s out of jail not like it matters to you anyway. “ She said before walking off again, but not able to fully walk away since she did get in some battles with the guards trying to protect the king.

After Versailles

By the time Marie had gotten to the room of the King, there was already a crowd of women and men. It soon became a happy victory since they captured the king.
A day after the king and his family returned to Paris with flour that came from the palace storage. With women standing by him chanting. “We are bringing back the baker and the baker’s wife.” The king and his family then became prisoners in Paris.

Beginning Terror’s Reign

Noir was chopping up vegetables to put in a pot while Marie helped. They were making dinner. Marie was glad that her father was her with her.
It seemed not too long ago that Marie had marched down to Versailles with her godmother Noir. Not too long ago that she had met Antoine again. The thought of him made her chop the vegetables harder. Since they met at Versailles he’s been snapping, demanding and lecturing her to forgive him. Repeating practically the same thing from last visit. Noir looked at her, concern on her face. It also seemed to be not long ago that the King and Queen had became a prisoner to France‘s citizens, with the help of the National Assembly. This made Marie’s bad mood fade away. But time sure has passed since Versailles to the capturing of the King and Queen. And Marie certainly did age.
She was once 15, but now was 18. She should be making a family of her own or at least have a lover. Unfortunately she didn’t and she’s been so detached that she doesn’t even know how to make a relationship like that. She didn’t want to admit it but her brother is right. Maybe I should, just let it go. But it’s kind of hard to. She thought.
She then put all the vegetables she chopped up into the pot.

Antoine was looking through papers in his belongings and found one paper that caught his eye.

Journal Entry,
Yes, so Marie. I have finally decided to turn my letters into journal entries. Hoping that later in the future when you have forgiven me. (Which I think will be soon) I’ll give this to you, you’ll read it and think of how ridiculous your being!
Okay, I apologize for that. But really Marie, you couldn’t have just let it go and forgive me and move on with your life?
You see that’s the problem with you Marie! You just can’t let things go! If you were able to let things go you wouldn’t be by yourself, no. You would be with other young ladies your age instead of moping around and feeling sorry for yourself! You’re also near the age of getting married and you’re not letting any man get close to you either. You’re going to die, cold and alone Marie. Noir can’t take care of you forever you know.
No one can.

That’s a bit harsh and I can’t tell when I wrote that. Doesn’t matter, I’ll burn this. He said before walking down the hallway to the living room slash kitchen. He squat down in front of the fire place, before he threw the paper in the bright fire. Watching it shrink burn and disappear or turn into ash.
“I smell something burning.” A male voice called out. Antoine knew who the voice belonged to. A man who looked a bit older then him came into the room and only saw the last piece of paper burning in the fire. “Was that some sort of secret letter? Or death note?” He asked. “Nope, just some garbage.” Antoine said while standing up. “Hmm.” The man said. “Well, I’m going to need your help to give my Chantalle a present, her birthday is soon.” Antoine sighed. Knowing that he definitely wouldn’t be able to protest without getting a horrible defeat in the end. Decided to just go with the guy and buy his wife, Chantalle a present. Saving both time, trouble and words.

They both walked to a market. There were many merchants out selling all sorts of goods. It took them hours before Laurent actually decided what he wanted to give Chantalle. A beautiful necklace, unfortunately it came in a variety of colors and soon Antoine got tired of the whole: Which one shall I choose? The green oh no, maybe the blue since she likes it. Oh, but the red! Oh she’ll absolutely love the red. Hmm…but the yellow will brighten her face. Though the orange might be better, don’t want her to get angry at me she hates her skin color of course. Oh, but then there’s the pink…

Antoine looked down at the ground; he didn’t even notice the fair haired woman walking in the market with two full baskets. Unfortunately the woman wasn’t paying attention either and they ran into each other. Spilling everything on the ground. Antoine snapped out of being zoned out while the woman snapped out of her daydreams. She quickly went down to the ground to pick everything up, Antoine helped too.
Once everything was in the bag Antoine stood up, held out his hand and helped the woman get to her feet. “Thank you very much…” “Antoine.” He said. “Antoine, thank you. I’m Desire.” She held out her hand wanting to shake his. Instead, Antoine took it and kissed it. When he stood straightly up, he said. “You’re welcome Miss Desire.” Desire stood there for a second before saying, “Farwell.” Leaving Antoine behind.
“Nice to the eyes isn’t’ she?” A familiar voice asked behind Antoine. Antoine jumped; he looked behind him seeing Laurent standing there before looking at Desire. “She certainly is.” “Oh, my Antoine has finally fallen in love.” Laurent said in a high voice. “Laurent, don’t do that.” “What? I’m just trying to put some motherly love within this moment.” “And by doing that your ruining the moment, that isn’t even there.” “Oh my son he’s in denial!” Laurent teased.
Antoine didn’t say anything and walked ahead of Laurent. He was annoying Antoine now.

Later….days passed along with weeks…

Marie was in a carriage with her friend Elle. She had made friends with Elle not too long ago who was now setting her up with her cousin’s. Technically Elle’s cousins were not her cousin’s but it was just so much easier to call them that. A set of twins, Acel and Archard. Elle is a member of the second Estate and had met Marie in the market. Elle had gone to the market out of curiosity with one of the servants she helped frequently with their work when her parent’s weren’t looking. It was just recently that Elle had told Marie that she was in the second estate. She would’ve told her sooner but the way she talked about how she hates the first and second estate made her afraid. She eventually did get the courage too, since she was different from the others and actually did pay taxes.
Marie could see Elle’s house clearly now along with two men who looked their age. “That’s them?” Marie asked. “Yes. My cousins. Oh they were absolutely horrible when they were little. They would pick on me and break my stuff! Oh! I remember hating them so much!” “I know, you already told me that.” “I repeated myself?! Oh, I’m so sorry.”
The carriage stopped, Marie still couldn’t believe how fast the carriage driver was. The door to the carriage opened and Marie walked out wearing a white dress that Elle had lent to her. It was made in 1787 and the high waist and slimness of it looked better on Marie then on Elle.
Elle was the first to step out and Marie knew just what Elle was going to do next. She was going to give her some big introduction. Though, today it Marie didn’t mind. She knew she looked good and the big introduction actually fit with what was going on. Unlike last time when she met Elle’s parents and the introduction’s theatrics didn’t seem to go with what Marie was wearing and looking like. “Marie!” Elle shouted angrily. Oops, Marie thought. I missed my cue. Marie got out of the carriage. “Sorry Elle.” “We’ll discuss later. Anyway…” Elle turned to her cousins. “These two fine men are my cousins. Acel.” She then gracefully gestured to a man with long black hair and dark brown eyes. Acel bowed. “And Archard.” With the same grace as before, she gestured to a man with long blonde hair and green eyes. His hair was long then Acel’s. Archard, instead of bowing came up to Marie and kissed her hand. “Hello, your looking lovely today.” “Thank you.” Marie said as Archard stand back up.
“You guys know what the schedule is today right?” Elle asked. “Y-” Acel began, only to be interrupted by his brother Archard. “Yes.” Acel inhaled before exhaling. There he goes again. Pushing me out of the way as he gets something or someone. This time it’s a woman. He already has a lot of women. Does the women he gave in his hands not enough? Acel thought. Though, hopefully this time Elle’s friend won’t get into his hands. Hopefully.
“Good!” Elle cheered. She turned back to Marie. “Marie remember 30 minutes each!” “Are you sure this is going to work?” Marie whispered to Elle. “Of course!”
“Okay…” Marie said. “So…who’s first?” Marie asked. “That’ll be me.” Archard said stepping towards her.

For 30 minutes Archard had talked to her about things about farming, military, merchants and ships. Every time Marie felt like falling asleep he would do something to wake her up, which kind of creeped Marie out for some reason. As for the 30 minutes she spent with Acel, it was much more pleasant. He talked about the book he was making, what she liked and commented on her answers.

The next 30 minutes with Archard, he talked about pretty much himself and every now and then asked what she had liked. There were times when if he could he would change his answer after listening to her.
As for Acel he commented on her dress and asked how she was doing. Along with stopping her from hitting the ground face first after she tripped.
The next hour had Archard talking about his childhood and asking what Marie’s childhood was like. He would often say, well if we ever live together you’ll be much better then when you were little and much more happier. While Acel talked about the time of day, legends and myths.


“So…who do you like the most?” Elle asked. Marie was taking a little break with just Elle. “Hmmm… Acel.” “Acel?” “Yes, I forget most of the time that you are behind us when I’m with him. While when I’m with Archard I wish you would just say something.” “Oh, I see.” Elle said.

This was how Marie and Acel met.
Unfortunately soon after the Reign of Terror began. With public executions and people who were allied with the King France were starting to be hanged.

End of Reign of Terror

Dear Marie,
This time I’m definitely sending this letter to you. Though I think you noticed. France is in Chaos! People are getting killed here and there, and their not even in league with the King or the queen and their families! Marie, I am hiding right now.
I um… met a great girl called Desire. Who unfortunately is liked by another guy who I know will get me hanged since Desire isn’t the girl who I think she is. She is not part of the third estate, but of the second estate. She has a complicated link to the King unfortunately. On top of that the guy who likes her has evidence of that link. I know it doesn’t make sense right now. You’re probably thinking he had evidence of her link? Wouldn’t that get her killed too? It would. And that is how much he loves her. Marie please forgive me and please do not do something like is what is going to happen to me. I apologize if this does not make sense. I am currently very tired for restless nights. I’m thinking about fleeing France to survive.

Sincerely Antoine,

P.S Robespierre probably thinks he is doing right. But truly what are we getting from this?

“Brother…” Marie thought looking at the letter with tears starting to form in her eyes. She was sitting in the living room with a very good looking dress. It was mid-1794. The reign of Terror was over; Robespierre who had wanted this to go on forever had been guillotined. Unfortunately Marie lost her brother, before it had happened. Who unlike, Marie, Noir, Acel and Elle had not fled France when he had the chance too. Marie was now back after being on a “trip” with her godfather Jacque and she was living with Acel. In a house near Elle. Tears rolled down Marie’s cheeks, she had forgiven her brother but she wished she could’ve said a proper good bye to him and maybe seen this Desire girl. She couldn’t blame Desire for his death. Since Desire did remind her of her friend Elle. Part of the second estate but so much more different then the rest.
The door from the kitchen opened. Acel walked out and saw Marie silently crying. He walked to her, in his nice clothes. “Marie its time to go or maybe you’d rather stay in bed?” He asked, putting a hand on his shoulder. Marie sniffed and looked at Acel. “Your nose is running. “He said before pulling out a handkerchief. Marie took it and blew her nose. “Hmm…maybe we shouldn’t go.” Acel said. “We should go. She might not get married again.” “Your right and since it is Elle getting married she wouldn’t be too proud of us not being there on her wedding day.” He stood up straighter and held out his arm. Marie took it and walked out of the house, going to Elle’s Wedding.

Rise of Ice Cream

Book of Marie Manon

I must be somewhere in the middle now of this book. Unfortunately I lost of the beginning and don’t feel like re writing everything so I guess this is the beginning?

Napoleon had just given me orders about where to go. I was now fighting the enemy.
My name is Marie Manon. Though since I am in the army I go by Manon. I was born as a girl, but rebirth as a man the moment my twin elder brother, Manon joined the military. Though we all knew his fighting skills weren’t well and mine were very good. Which sort of disappointed dad since the family is practically military.
My talent for fighting was found one day when I had to fill in for Manon, because he was sick and he had a deal with his instructor that the moment he missed a day he would not be a student anymore. Though unfortunately or maybe fortunately he eventually found out that I was not Manon. He threatened to drop him as a student. Though I convinced him after awhile (hours) of talking.
That’s when we both started to learn how to fight. It was also when my father came up with the idea of having me act like my brother as he acted like me.
Fortunately, years later we found out how good Manon is with medicine. (I’m not too bad at it either, but he’s better) This leads to where we are now.
Manon and I change places when its shower time and I take over the duty of being a doctor.
Everyone cheered; it was another victory lead by Napoleon. Napoleon a man who came right after the French Revolution. A man who is looked up as a leader, not literally though since he is short. The moment he came children had something to fantasize about. It definitely makes sense too. There’s something about him that’s not like the other higher ranked people. He has this kind of energy about him.
I also can not believe he went to Egypt. Even though that was not very successful.

Book of Marie Manon

So many years have past. I have forgotten all about my small little book. Man, these titles are long! I think their getting longer as time passes by.

Napoleon is now the Emperor of France. He crowned himself and I, Marie am not just some soldier anymore. I’m actually a woman now! And I’m happy, though my brother is still in the army. I got out the moment Manon’s skills matched close to mine and it did take a lot of years. Its 1802 now!!
Now, back to Napoleon. It was last year when he made an agreement with the church, that Catholicism shall be known as the religion for most people in France. Though that’s only part of the agreement. The other part is, that for that they must not request for church property (land) that have been taken away from them during the revolution.

France seems so much more peaceful now then before, but that’s probably because I’m not off fighting. That and the fact that I am now married.

Ah, I forgot to mention that. I am married. I got married to a friend of my “brother’s”. (Actually my friend.) Who, one day found out the whole family secret and as a half joke he made an agreement with Manon and me. That I must marry him in the future as a reward for him keeping the secret. Since that secret could lead him to madness and thus keeping woman away from him. Though, truthfully I don’t think his madness will stop woman from liking him. He is pretty nice to the eye and I feel the same way as him. Happy and lucky that I married someone like him. (Or me in his case)

Book of Marie Manon

There’s no way I’m going to let a lot of people read this. I mean, seriously I have been skipping years time and time again. And truthfully I don’t think I’m a very good writer at all. Hmm…maybe I should have a friend write this book for me? Yes, that would be a great idea! Wow, this title needs to be shorter, look at how much space it has taken! This isn’t even a title anymore; in fact it’s a paragraph! This is definitely the longest title ever! Man, now I’m starting to feel bad for my friend who’s going to like write this. Then again maybe they’ll just take this whole thing out?

So, its 1815. It’s kind of cold and I haven’t written last in 1802. In fact I lost this very book and just found it today. After finding it, I felt like writing in it while doing cooking and cleaning of course.

Anyway Napoleon recently lost a battle. I could not believe it! And neither did anyone else. Before that Napoleon got al these lands, he expanded France!

And before that when Paris was captured, Napoleon went into exile on Elba. And we had King Louis XVIII. Oh no not him again, yep exactly, another Louis is just what we need. And not much people actually were rooting for this guy either. And it was after that that Napoleon got himself within France again.

Anyway Napoleon like also invaded Russia with tons of men in 1812. Unfortunately tons of men pretty much starved and froze to death. And that’s where we come to the whole Paris being captured thing.

So, yeah that’s pretty much it.

The End.

Note to self: Have friend rewrite this whole book.

[2010, so I’m just gonna write this here on like a sticky note. What is up with this book? This isn’t even a book. And my ancestor didn’t even like bother to ask her friend to rewrite it. I can’t believe the time I wasted translating this Book of Marie Manon from French to English. This was a total waste of time. ]


So that's the end of the story. Please wait until this ride vehicle comes to a full stop before exiting and remember to not leave any of your belongings behind. We hope you continue to have a good time at the rest of the world's under the Miscellaneous world, including this one Fanfic world.
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