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 Red Mage in Tycoon (Open)

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PostSubject: Red Mage in Tycoon (Open)   Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:02 pm

"Rrrrow, rarf, rarf!" Large padded feet pattered across the cobblestone street in the royal city of Tycoon as a red-furred lion-dog of about three feet in height bounded across. He was wearing a fancy coat with gold buttons and white decorative braid over rich blue fabric to contrast with his red fur. He paused as he reached the other side of the street, rising up on his hind feet to stand upright as any man and turned back to look at those coming up behind him.

A woman followed him, white hair hanging loose and slightly over one eye, her clothing as red as the beast's fur where it wasn't gold or white. Her eyes were a brilliant piercing green, the same green as the crystal that she wore on a mythril chain hanging from her neck. The crystal drew no small amount of attention from bystanders, but no one seemed to think it sinister.

She watched her furry friend with a small smile on her face and a laugh dancing in her eyes. "What is it, Commodore?" She asked as she started across the street to follow him. "Are you afraid I'll get lost?"

The red beast yipped at her and lolled his tongue out in a clearly canine expression of delight and humor when there was the sound of clawed feet on the cobblestones, moving quickly, and she looked up to see a running chocobo coming straight at her.

The red beast was moving immediately. He dashed back across the street and wrapped his furred arms around her midsection, pushing her backwards and into a bystander. The chocobo passed and then slowed and turned around as his rider stopped to make sure that the woman he'd nearly run over was alright.

In fact, quite a few people were drawn to be certain that there weren't any injuries, mostly because the Commodore was crooning at his friend like he was worried, putting his head against her midsection and making a comforting sound of worry. The woman tried to laugh it off as just something he did, but it did make a quite a scene.

"Are you alright, Miss?" the chocobo rider asked.

"Yes, I'm fine." She sighed. "Commodore, I'm fine, let me up," she tried to push the red beast off her long enough for her to regain her footing. She addressed the rider again. "Do you know a good place to sit and just rest a while? I think my friend here isn't going to calm down until I sit down."

He nodded. "If you go that way there's a square. There's shops and cafes if you're interested. New in town?"

"Visiting, really. Just taking a look at different places."

He nodded sagely. "Ahh, Offworlder. We get a few now and then. Where're you from, if you don't mind me asking?"

She smiled. "I don't mind the question, I ask it enough when I'm at home. The World of One." She finally had her balance back and put a fond hand on her friend's mane, patting it down. "Yes, yes, Commodore, no harm done." She looked up again. "Thank you, sir."

"No problem, Miss. Have a good day." He turned and rode off as the woman and beast found their way to the square and a seat at one of the outdoor cafes, to watch the crowds pass.
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Gohrick Trisona


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PostSubject: Re: Red Mage in Tycoon (Open)   Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:31 pm

“Just who is that?”

“I don’t know…must be an off worlder.”

“Could he be dangerous? Just look at him.”

“Quiet…you’ll draw his attention…then we could be in trouble.”

“Oh right, right…come on…let’s just avoid him.”

The man in question was dressed from head to toe in colors of black, red, and blue. He was wearing a long, black trench coat that went down to his ankles with blue flames designed and etched at the bottom of the coat that came back up to his waist. He also wore a pair of black jeans that covered part of the black army boots. Over his chest he wore a dark red shirt that was covered up with a black chest plate that went over only his chest that had a few interlinking chains. On his right arm, over the sleeve of the coat, was a black and reddish looking gauntlet that was made up of several scales. Of what was unable to be determined without asking the owner.

The man was pale of flesh, but two things naturally stood out against the snow like appearance. First was the vibrant blue hair that was fashioned up in spikes that went down to the middle of his back. Second were his intense yellow eyes. It was the eyes that had people staring at him in the first place, so intense were their gaze that many people backed off after he made eye contact. On some levels, he quite enjoyed the effect…on others; it just made him feel more alone.

He was currently walking alone towards the royal capital city of Tycoon. Why he was headed there, he wasn’t entirely sure, but it was certainly better than being stuck in that ship any longer. He had left Gohrick in charge and said he would be back in a few days…that had been about a week ago. Still, they knew not to worry about him…he could handle himself.

Once he had gotten into the city, the stares and the mutterings became more frequent. It amused him to some extent that they were so focused on his appearance that they never noticed or talked about the large scythe that he had attacked to his back.

“Did you see that weapon…he looks like the Grim…”

Scratch that…now they had noticed it. Well, with its bright red appearance, it was hard not to see it unless you were blind. He was hungry, and he was slowly growing tired again. He was planning on stopping by an inn when some drunken rider on a Chocobo nearly ran into him on the cobble stoned road.

“Do watch where you are going,” Cypher spoke in a soft, but powerful voice, causing the rider to start cursing his luck about off worlders as he rode off again after apologizing.

‘Hm…seems I’m not the only one roaming…’
he thought to himself, before making his way further down the road. He wasn’t too sure exactly what he wanted, but figured any café or restaurant would do. He took a seat outside to enjoy the fresh air and ordered a cup of coffee while his eyes scanned the area, seeing some wandering warriors, some civilians, and a small section of red? He stared for a moment longer then was needed as he saw a red creature wearing white and a woman in red. He simply raised an eyebrow at the sight, before sipping his coffee.

"Sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride. If you don't, well too bad, this is the only ride from start to finish, so make the best of it. You might be surprised at what an unexpected turn can bring ya."

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PostSubject: Re: Red Mage in Tycoon (Open)   Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:12 pm

The young woman in red and gold sat carefully in one of the chairs of the outdoor café and smiled at the waitress as she walked up to take their orders. The red-furred creature at her side drew quite a bit of attention, from onlookers and he seemed to be fully aware of the curiosity, adding a little prance to his step.

"Miss, is there anything I can get for you?" The girl was maybe sixteen, with soft pink hair and a gentle smile.

Telira nodded to her with a smile of her own. "Yes, I'll take a glass of lemonade, please, and a sandwich on toast."

The girl nodded. "And your friend?"

She looked over to see the Commodore with his eyes locked on a small child who was peeking over the back of his chair to stare at him. As she watched, the Moomba slowly waved one paw as if he was sharing a secret with the child and was rewarded by a giggle from the little boy who then waved back. Telira chuckled softly and then looked back at the waitress. "The Commodore will have a sandwich, too, and a glass of water, if you don't mind."

Once the waitress had left to take the order back to the kitchen, the Commodore turned back to Telira and yipped happily. He liked the attention he was given by those around him. He pranced a little bit more and even gave the crowd a few dance moves to the sound of muted laughter. He walked over to a nearby planter and gently pulled a single flower from a blooming bush and then walked over to where a young mother sat with her tiny daughter in her arms and offered her the flower with a flourished bow.

The mother blushed, but accepted the flower to the sound of laughter and even slight applause.

Telira had to smile, herself. The Commodore was definitely in his element. She glanced around at the square and couldn't help but notice the stranger in his distinctive armor and manner. Something about his appearance caused her to shiver slightly, though she wasn't entirely certain why. She smiled at him, though, from her seat with a nod of greeting.

The movement caught the Commodore's attention and he looked up at her to follow her gaze over to the stranger. Once he realized that Telira was nodding to a person, he was moving, capering over to greet the man with a squeak and an encouraging wave, inviting him over to sit with her at the open seat at her table.

This, of course, caused Telira to color in momentary shy embarrassment. She had no idea why the Commodore would do such a thing, though she knew that he was very intelligent. It was entirely possible that he was trying to set her up or something, but at the least she could use the conversation. After all, that was what she was here for, to see the world and meet the people, hopefully without shouting out that she was the Lady of the World of One. She hadn't yet made her condition public knowledge with a formal announcement or anything, but she was quickly running out of time before something had to be said, especially since courtiers had started asking about it.
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Gohrick Trisona


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PostSubject: Re: Red Mage in Tycoon (Open)   Sun Oct 23, 2011 7:26 pm

Cypher closed his eyes for a few moments, enjoying the soft breeze that was blowing through the city and the moment of peace it ensured. It hadn’t been a hard journey, per say, but Cypher hadn’t slept properly in several days. Still, the few weapons he had picked up, as well as the connections he had been making within the World of Five would be invaluable in the future. If he were to take the word of his summons, something big was coming…

He was shaken from his thoughts as the sound of laughter and clapping rang through the air. He slowly opened his eyes and took in the scene in front of him. Children were laughing, and a few adults were clapping as the red furred creature danced and seemed to be entertaining the crowd. Such a simple pleasure, but it caused a small smile to form over his thin lips. As he was watching the creature dancing, he caught the eye of the woman behind it, simply giving a slight nod back.

‘Your improving quite a bit…there was a time not long ago that you would have ignored such a simple greeting between warriors,’ came a voice from within his head. His summon, the Ambassador of the White Flames, Nycon, had taken a liking to talking to him telepathically, as some summons did in the world of 8, only there was no junction involved.

Cypher didn’t comment, as he didn’t quite have a chance to. He apparently had caught the attention of yet another, as the red furred creature came over to him and squeaked. Cypher stared into its eyes instinctually, as if searching for some rhyme or reason why it would come so close to him, when even the guards of the city had given him a wide space.

‘I think he wants you to join him and the lady in red over there…’Nycon said with what could only sound like a giggle. Odd, Nycon had about as much sense of humor as her brother, but just wasn’t as violent. He continued to stare down at the small fur ball before simply nodding his head. He gathered his coffee and slowly stood up, adjusting the scythe on his back.

“Well then, lead the way,” he said with a small smile, before following where the Moomba had indicated he should move to. He sipped on his coffee as he made his way to the woman’s table, before placing his cup down and lightly bowing his head once more in greeting.

“Seems your companion found it fit that you needed additional company…I am Cypherous Montarous…Please, feel free to call me Cypher,” he said, his voice soft, yet with a hint of strength, like the gentle breeze before a storm. His yellow eyes had locked on to hers almost right away after he bowed his head, just as they had on the Moomba’s.

The on lookers, who had been quite enjoying the show, all seemed to fidget and shuffle away slowly as Cypher had made his appearance. This was something he was quite used to…he didn’t exactly exhibit an aura of warmth or joy…quite the opposite in fact. It was a presence that he had developed quite on accident…being the only survivor and walking in darkness tended to have this kind of effect on people. Add to that his fiend like eyes and even his demeanor for brooding…he wasn’t exactly a nice looking person. Though, what many failed to do was judge past his looks…under it all, he wasn’t quite as dark as he first appeared.

"Sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride. If you don't, well too bad, this is the only ride from start to finish, so make the best of it. You might be surprised at what an unexpected turn can bring ya."

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Bala Choukichi


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PostSubject: Re: Red Mage in Tycoon (Open)   Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:22 pm

Bala stepped out of the shuttle she had paid for by offering her services on board as a steward for the time being. As her feet touched uneven cobble stone, she stumbled on her geta like a small child who was not used to the black sandals.

The breeze met her kimono sleeves and caused a flash of dark blue to be seen. Maybe I made this one a little too flashy? A sigh passed through her lips as she looked up to the sky. There was little sun, and it was rather gray and dismal. It could have just been her idea about the town, though.

Bala turned and looked around at all the little quaint houses, and people milling about their day. She wondered how people could be so in love with the idea that there were no trees or real landscapes around. There was a castle in the middle of the town, sort of, it was more of in the middle and to the back of the town. It seemed to loom in the fog above Bala’s head, but she just looked at it with awe and meekness.

Hate to live there, she thought sorely. Castles and riches were not exactly her thing. She preferred to live her life off the land that was provided to her. She shook her head slightly and began walking down a random street.

The feeling of being lost had soon developed in Bala’s mind, but she pressed onward with her exploration. The town itself was quite intriguing to the young samurai. For once, there was a place that did not smell of the dead or the sight of people dying. The Guado liked some of the new smells she was encountering, such as fresh bread coming from the bakery to her left, which was oddly positioned next to something that produced a sweet, yet strong odor.

The sign above the open air booth read “Café”, which got the young one wondering what kind of place a café was. She decided to sit at one of the stools and observe. She heard the lady behind the booth say things like “coffee” and “espresso”. Her head tilted at such words with a child like curiosity, but she did not dare bring attention to herself. She had no money to pay the lady with, and she was afraid that she might just get tossed off her stool if she offered to work to make up for her lack of funds.

She kept her head bent low, but she managed to observe two people far away who seemed to be enjoying themselves. A small smile was on her lips as she watched the two interact, but her head swiveled back to the front. Horror came across her face as she noted a bubbly, young waitress smile and wave at her with a spring in her step.

Sighing, Bala rose to leave, but something seemed to push her back down into her seat. She looked around and didn’t see much of anything, and there were no spirits toying with her at the moment, so she just sat in her chair dumbfounded.

A voice behind her shocked her, and it was then that she noticed a big, swarthy, heavy hand on her shoulder. It was a good thing Teruyoshi was with her, because things might get dicey pretty soon.

A sea green eye looked menacingly at the man behind her. She said nothing, but went back to staring at the counter top as though it was the most interesting thing about this “café”.

“Hey, lady…won’t’cha hand meh over yous’s purse?” The thug tightened his grip on Bala’s shoulder to make his point perfectly clear.
Saying nothing, Bala started to unsheathe her blade. In one fluid motion, she drew it and had slashed at the man’s arm. The blade stopped right at the man’s arm and then slid calmly back into its sheath. The bubbly waitress screamed, and the man was so shocked that he fell to the ground.

“I’m…I’m sorry!” he screamed terrified as he scrambled to his feet and ran away. Some of the guards riding the Chocobo looked at Bala suspiciously, but went back to their patrols.

Sighing, she stood from her stool and bowed to the frightened waitress. “I am terribly sorry for frightening you. Please, allow me to work for a bit to restore your honor.”
The waitress looked a little confused, but she nodded her head slowly. “Sure…I guess, and…it’s quite alright, Miss.” She opened a part of the booth and let Bala in, giving her a maid’s outfit like the one she had donned. She gestured where the changing room was and went back to her work.

Bala eyed the strange garb with a grimace, but doffed her kimono and Teruyoshi and donned the uniform. When she came walking back out, the bubbly waitress handed her a tray and a little booklet of order sheets. “Write down the orders and give them to the lady standing at the machine. Don’t take too long, or the customers might not tip you.”

“Tip?” Bala muttered to herself, sighing yet again as she began the task of writing down orders that needed to be filled. Once the girl had four or five orders, she handed them to a particularly grumpy lady who replaced her sheets of paper with cups filled with steaming drinks. The young samurai had no problem balancing the tray and walking to her customers. Once she had placed all the orders in front of the customers, they handed her a few gil each.

Bala was shocked by the small round, cool coins in her hand, but she managed to bow in front of the customers and smile a little. Seeing her happy must have made a few of them happy too, because they smiled back.

Tapping the bubbly waitress on the shoulder, she proffered over her tips. The bubbly waitress laughed. “No, no, you keep that.” The young waitress placed the money in Bala’s pouch. After a few more orders, the young samurai thanked the waitress and donned her kimono once more, along with Teruyoshi. She slipped her gil into her sleeve and exited the café. The waitress had a cup of creamy coffee waiting for her. Bala thanked the waitress and offered her the tips once more, but the waitress refused again, saying that the drink was free.

Bala bobbed her head. Hands lifted the warm cup to her lips. Her tongue liked the sensation of sweet yet bitter flowing across it, but the after taste was horridly sharp. Bala finished the drink with a slight grimace and left the waitress a few gil as thanks.

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