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Micro RPs
Fri Dec 26, 2014 5:21 pm by Tifa Lockhart
We got a new thing! Micro Rps are designed to be short, quick fire things. The rules and points are different in these, so be sure to read up on them before jumping in. Rules are important. Rules can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Think of it like Twitter, but less full of GamerGaters, misogyny and racism. At least it better be, banning people is such a hassle.

Go see. Explore. Find stuff. Join in. Peace and love


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 Traveling. (Open to everyone)

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PostSubject: Traveling. (Open to everyone)   Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:08 am

Flash back: Sitting there for quite some time Angeal had been thinking to him remembering the past. About his student Zack and what had happened so long ago. And those memories started flooding him slowly. The day that angeal had suggested Zack to be the replacement first class soldier for genesis that was something that he would never forget. The look on Zacks face as he was told the news. The images started coming back to his mind. The days of when everything was ok before any of them figured out shinras true intentions for the soldiers and what they were doing to them without consulting them first. The experiments and the way genesis left everything turned to a shit hole but then it brightened up once Zack was accepted for the first class soldier position with him and sephiroth. He truly believed he was ready for it. And he had proven he was.

Zack was called over the intercom. Sitting there waiting for him to come Angeal thought maybe it was a little bit too early for Zack to be a first class. As he came walking in he thought he was in trouble like he was mostly in all the time with the head command. As the young pupil came walking in he looked a bit nervous. “Zack I have something that I want to talk to you about.” Zack groaned and wanted to leave but he also thought Angeal had caught him doing something that wasn’t of the necessary code of Shinra. But then Angeal spoke the words. “I have requested you as a first class soldier. Now I don’t want you to disappoint me Zack.” The next moment he had a Zack hugging him and in his face. And Angeal pushing him away laughing saying get out of here.

Looking up into a small mirror in the small town he was he could see that he had a few tears running down his face. Sighing slightly he wasn’t so sure about this anymore. Maybe he shouldn’t be the one alive maybe it should be someone else instead of him. That was what he was starting to think because he didn’t have a goal anymore. He had found out Aeirth wasn’t here anymore and that she had been taken into the life stream just like Zack. ShinRa had killed both of them at least they were together in the Life stream. Standing up he put the Giant sword on his back and the shinra sword at his side. He started walking towards the portals to get back to his worlds. He had to take out shinra. If it was the last thing he did then so be it. But he needed to be stronger.

Walking through he noticed a Simulation training ground like the one he had back at his world. That was something he wasn’t used to. But there was there it was a training simulation. Smiling slightly he walked over to where it was he watched how the tower seemed to reach endlessly into the sky. That made it almost worth it to come here and sit there watching the place and the memories coming back to him. That’s when the idea hit him. For his Dreams, For his honor he needed to train and become stronger. Stronger to take down the ShinRa Company. Chuckling softly he began to walk inside of the area not knowing what he would find on the other side. But that wasn’t one of his concerns at the moment. The only concern was to get stronger to take back his honor and make amends.

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PostSubject: Re: Traveling. (Open to everyone)   Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:14 pm

The new world, she was looking for someone. Her eyes looking through her rainbow crystal as she walked a bit through the small town not sure what to make of the new world. It was one that she and her father visited one time, not another. But as she stared into the crystal, she could see something from this world. Something that looked familiar. Trying to find it was hard, as she was wondering if her father was in the same world. But standing there, something was off. She didn’t notice the silver metal glove on his arm. Staring through the crystal as she walked towards the simulation grounds, she wasn’t watching where she was going and her boots clicked along the ground. Worry was on her face. Thinking all the while; wondering if her father was in trouble.

Standing in the meadow with her father, watching the birds fly by and the wind move along the ground. Her eyes watching the grass move like a wave moving through water. Her father Galic looking at her with a smile as she held out her hand having a small bird land on it. But as she did, she saw the sadness on his face as well. The sun slowly burning at her skin, as though harming her. The intensity of the sun were too much there as the bird flew away. Galic moved her black cloak sharing it with his daughter and covering her from the sun like a shade.
“Don’t cry my little princess. One day, you will find a place where the world doesn’t harm you.” Galic smiled at his little girl. Picking up a small flower, he gave it to his daughter with a smile. “No matter what I want you to remember. That no matter what you look like, there will always be someone there that loves you. When the world turns their back on you, you just hold onto the little light you have left. Don’t go into the shadows...don’t be the monster they say you to be.” Galic wrapped an arm around Selene as she listened to him.
Selene started to cry, but being only nine she could. Selene hugged her father’s arm as he picked her up heading into the town. “Papa...will others really accept me how I am like you said.” Selene asked sadly as they headed towards the simulator. “I don’t have anyone to call a friend.Cause I look like I do. No one wants to let the other kids near me.”
Galic didn’t answer as he looked at his little girl. The sun was still shining in the sky. People looked at Selene, keeping their children away from her as they knew about her temper and what she was at night on the new moon. Lowering her eyes, her father could see the sadness on her face. But that is when Galic put his daughter in his hands and tossing her into the air and catching her making her laugh. Selene loved it when her father did that. They stood near a fighting ground, where people would train.
“one day. You’ll find people. Don’t worry. Just don’t shun them away. Like I said, be cautious but never be afraid to make a few friends.” He put her down as Selene watched her father step into the training Simulator leaving Selene standing there with his cloak over her. “Stay there till I’m done.” He told her. Selene stood there watching her father walk away from her. She did as she was told as she remained under the hood. Children keeping away from her, as her red eyes looking at them wanting to play.

Selene stood there looking at the simulator but snapped out of it when she bumped into a tall man. Snapping out of her trance, she looked at the man. ”Sorry about that.” Selene said as she rubbed her head looking up at the man. Seeing Angeal. ”How in the hell did I bump into you again?” She joked, but she was surprised more than anything to see him. Her cloak hiding her body inside as the hood was up keeping the sun from touching her. Her hand came out and held it out to angeal to greet him once more. As she did, the sunlight was making her skin turn a little pink the longer her hand was out.


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Traveling. (Open to everyone)
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