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 Soul Eater Death the Kid: Show Symmetry

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PostSubject: Soul Eater Death the Kid: Show Symmetry    Sun Aug 28, 2011 7:10 pm

(Hello everyone welcome to the Death the Kid: Show symmetry fanfic ride. It is advised not to smoke throughout any portion of this presentation and please keep all cellphones off, no flash photography or food or drink. Please also keep all hands, feet and any other part of your body inside the theatre vehicle seat at all times. Finally this is an unprofessional presentation and we apologize for any errors, this is an old ride after all. We hope you have a great time at Final Fantasy Fanficland and enjoy this ride!)

For some reason I was given an assignment. A assignment to do a kids show.

When I first got there I met many of the staff who said I could do any changes I liked. I looked at my staff for awhile them and none of them wore anything of symmetry!! In fact nothing on them was symmetry execept one big guy. So my first change of the show was for the staff to change into something more symmetrical. Which they did, I had to wait an unsymmertrical amount of time for them to come back. When they did come back only a few of them wore something symmetrical, so I told the non symmetrical ones to stand in a line and I then took out my extra pair of scissors and started to snip away until they were perfect. Satsified with my work I then told them what we were going to do next. The staff told me that today on the show that the kids will learn how to draw shapes. Which made me very happy cause all shapes have a line of symmetry, execpt for the unknown unamed squiggly shapes that have no line of Symmetry whatsoever! Shapes like those piss me off!!

So the staff then introduced me to the kids and they had no symmetry at all! Absolutely none, this whole assignment was now becomming a nightmare of crooked lines, short lengths, longer lengths or just non symmeterical things! So I used my scissors again to fix them all of them. By the time I was finished I was being yelled at by the director who said I was taking too long. Ha! Time is worth it if your going to make something symmetrical.

We started the show and I was told to read what was on the cue cards. Which is what I did and I was glad that about how perfectly written and spaced the words were on the large cards. "Welcome to The world of Learning. I'm Death the Kid and today we'll be doing shapes." The cue cards then told me to smile and look down at the children which I did. "Now will learn how to draw a circle." I said. "Watch me as I do it." I then drew a circle slowly and came out with perfection. "Now, you try." The kids began to draw their circles. "Are you done?" I asked. They nodded their heads and held up their drawings. Which was not symmetrical at all...defintely not symmetrical. This whole defintely..."A nightmare!!" I screamed. I put my hands on my face. "Everything wasn't symmetrical when I got here!! I kept on making things symmetrical over and over again and each time I tried another non symmetrical thing or person would apppear." I then screamed and then I collapsed to the ground, in perfect symmetry of course.

I looked up at my enemy. "You remind me so much of that horrible day! Everything you do is so non symmmetrical and the only thing that is symmetry are the words you type!" Did you get that? Good. Now I ca

(If that made no sense...

For those who do not understand:

The story is from the view of Death the Kid and a unknown enemy. When they first meet Death the Kid is not happy about the enemy's lack of symmetry. To this the enemy tells him the computer that they carry types out symmetrical words. And so Death the Kid for some reason wants him to write about his miserable day. Which the enemy does but in the end they get attacked anyway.

Also there are errors in there on purpose. The enemy did not use any kind of checking program nor did they proofread. They were too busy typping up DTK's story and also didn't have time to do it at the end since they did get attacked.

This has got to be the most shortest yet simple and complicated story I've ever written.
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Soul Eater Death the Kid: Show Symmetry
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