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We got a new thing! Micro Rps are designed to be short, quick fire things. The rules and points are different in these, so be sure to read up on them before jumping in. Rules are important. Rules can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

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 Scared of being hated (Wind)

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Rinoa Heartilly


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PostSubject: Scared of being hated (Wind)    Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:16 pm

Rinoa had been walking in Balamb since she hadn't wanted anything to do with the big crowds. She had hated the crowds since she had first came to be the sorceress. She hadn't wanted anything to go wrong in her entire life now. Rinoa was scared of being hated, and feared that nobody wanted to be around her. She just wanted to make sure that she was going to do what was possible. Rinoa had kept her sorceress powers locked inside so that nobody would want to deal with her powers at all. She still knew she was a sorceress, and where she was still scared that Ultimecia would want to take over her body she looked at her ring, but she had still needed her knight. She had no idea of what she had wanted to do if Ultimecia had possessed her again. Rinoa had told Squall that no one can predict the future, and there was no guarantees. Rinoa had really do missed her knight Squall. Squall had made her a promise, and she had made him a promise as well. That was what she had believed then after the battle with Ultimecia she really stayed near him since he was about to die, and she had saved his life.

Squall had been Rinoa's strength for the longest time that she had knew him, and she had fallen for him she just loved him with all her heart and soul. She wouldn't wanted to go back to the way it was before she had ever meet Squall. Rinoa had been wearing griever on her figure since Squall had put it on her finger to when he asked her to married him. Of all things she had ever done she wanted to know that Squall still loved her. He was the one who gave her the most comfort, happiness, annoyance, and disappointment too. Rinoa had knew the fight is worthwhile. She had still loved him with all her heart. To her dreams, Squall was always the main focus of her dreams. Rinoa had been looking for the one guy she could talked to in a friendly way. She had hoped that Squall was able to be found on in this dimension she wanted to be near him always. Rinoa had missed out raising her kids since she was a sorceress, and Hyne's descendant.

She had been crying, and shaking like a leaf she had remembered what it had felt like to be scared of being hated, and nobody wanted to be around her at all. She just didn't know what she was able to do. Rinoa had really didn't wanted to go home since she would be taken to Esthar, and she had when she was seventeen. Then Squall came just to get her out. Here she was now she had wanted to be around people now she was holding everything fear she had in. She hadn't wanted to be scared, or that she would be feared by other people.
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PostSubject: Re: Scared of being hated (Wind)    Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:35 pm

Wind's appearance is not always looked with nice eyes. In fact, one could say that people couldn't trust him at first because he wore that long black cloak. For example, while walking through the streets of Balamb, more than one person (much more than one person), had taken a different route while walking because he was in there. His black cloak, his pale skin, his menacing eyes... He looked like a dangerous person, no matter from which perspective he was seen. People would cross paths with him, and without even talking for half a second, they would think: "This person is pure evil." They were not exactly saying a false statement, but at the same time, they were greatly off the mark. Wind's future actions may be considered evil by some, and good by others. Evil is just a matter of perspective, and he knew that quite well. His enemies, his evil antagonists, after all, were the same gods that people think are the perfect good.

But he didn't care about them. He didn't care about those random people that thought about him so wrongly. Not at all. They were just people with small lives, too scared to do something about things they don't like, with no resolution to actually fight for their hopes and dreams. That angered Wind quite a lot. But he could not blame them: They were created like that. Thanks to the gods, who protected them, at the same time that they gave them fear, humans would rely on other beings rather than themselves.

Yes, there were only few humans who were worthy of his respect. He had already met with some of those humans. And he knew that, somewhere around that place, he could find another one. That person may not be an ally, but gaining her trust, with time, could end up being a great experience.

Just as he was thinking that, Wind saw a dark haired girl walking around. With a simply look, she looked normal, but Wind was just too good at finding despair or sadness in the heart of others. He could see that, this girl, was not feeling too well. As it didn't actually concern him, he could have walked away without any kind of remorse inside. The problem was, though, that girl was exactly one of the people he was thinking about recently. It was weird to see her all alone and sad. He knew that this girl had many friends and allies who she could go and see if feeling down. Why is it, then, that she was like that? Many situations popped out in his mind, but none could really fit into her personality or the personality of her friends...

Wind had an idea. And with that idea in mind, he walked to the saddened girl. At first, he just followed her, but then he walked a little faster and put himself in front of her eyes. He approached and said:

Excuse me, lady, is there something wrong? You may not look like it, but I feel you are a little sad. Did something happen?

Everything is always okay in the end, if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.

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Rinoa Heartilly


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PostSubject: Re: Scared of being hated (Wind)    Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:40 pm

Rinoa had heard a guy talking to her, and she had looked at the guy who had spoke to her. "I am scared of being hated, and feared." Rinoa said. Rinoa had looked at him, and wanted to make sure that she had talked to him. She had no other reason why she shouldn't talked to this person. Rinoa had thought for sometime, and she loved her knight with all her heart and soul. She had been crying for sometime since she hadn't know where she was going from here. "My name is Rinoa Heartilly, well that was my teenager name my name these days is Rinoa Leonhart." Rinoa said. Rinoa had felt she was the same person she had been when she was a teenager.

She had been trying to figured out why she was going to do this time since she was been very lonely. "I miss my friends, my knight, and my children." Rinoa said. She had hidden her eyes behind her eyes. She was scared of being hated by anyone who doesn't know that she had done some good in her lifetime. She had wanted Squall to be here to comfort her. "I need to know that I'm still alive." Rinoa said.

Rinoa had looked at him, and covered up her sadness with a smile, and tried to make sure that she was going to make sure that she shown her smiles for anyone. Rinoa had remembered of being an enemy to her own knight. She had remembered that Squall had been touched by Rinoa's own kindness. She had fallen for him, and she had hoped that he fallen for her.

She had kept her promise to him, and she was very much had wanted to be the only one for him. She can't stop falling love with Squall even if she was a sorceress. Rinoa had still believe that no one can predict the future there was no guarantees. She was very scared that nobody wanted to be around her anymore since she had received Edea's powers. All her life she had thought she was going to be the apple of Squall's eye when they got married since he had finally tied the knot with her she had loved him so very much.

"What's your name by the way? I asked since I had never meet you around here before. You are a stranger here aren't you?" Rinoa asked. She had been wanted to make sure that she was going to live with the choices she had made in her entire teenager years. She had no regrets now, but she was still scared deep inside of herself. Rinoa had thought that her life was going to be better when Ultimecia was gone, but she was still scared that she would probably be possessed. She had no idea where Squall had gone to since she had came here.

Rinoa had looked at this stranger, and she still gave him a sweet smile that she had wanted to give someone. She had hoped that Squall would come, and she was turning the griever ring she had gotten back then.
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PostSubject: Re: Scared of being hated (Wind)    

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Scared of being hated (Wind)
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