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Micro RPs
Fri Dec 26, 2014 5:21 pm by Tifa Lockhart
We got a new thing! Micro Rps are designed to be short, quick fire things. The rules and points are different in these, so be sure to read up on them before jumping in. Rules are important. Rules can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Think of it like Twitter, but less full of GamerGaters, misogyny and racism. At least it better be, banning people is such a hassle.

Go see. Explore. Find stuff. Join in. Peace and love


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 New Face in Town [open]

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PostSubject: New Face in Town [open]   Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:00 pm

After a really long trek from here home village of Winhill Rebecca arrives in the town of Fisherman's Horizon by nightfall. "Who knew that getting here would take so many days." looking around as she walks into the market district she could feel many eyes on her and not all friendly either. Annoyed with the people she turns around and yells at them "Yes i am a Lescanzi and yes i am different from you but that doesn't mean anything, i breathe and bleed just like any of you! Now is you have something to say then come out and say it to my face as i will not tolerate you're harsh looks and rude gestures. I am here upon my own free will and not looking to cause trouble now either say what you want or forever hold your words." with that being said she continues on looking for the towns notice board.

Moments later Rebecca finds the notice board and begin to look for two things, a place to sleep and a job. Scanning the board over Rebecca finds a help wanted add asking for a bodyguard to accompany them out of the city to the D-District Prison. "Hmm seems a little off to me that a local from around here would want a bodyguard to accompany them to that place. I don't think it is just for a normal greeting i think there is more to it but i do need the money so i see were this job leads me." Rebecca takes the notice of the board, folding it up and putting it in her pocket and then heads to were she is to meet with the person who put up the help wanted poster on the board. Arriving to the location that the poster said to meed she could see that there was no body there. "Hmmm that is strange, perhaps they have gone back to there home to sleep for the night. Might be a good idea to find a place to sleep myself as i will want to be in top for for this job come daybreak.". Rebecca head off to the towns hotel and checked in for the night with what money she had left from her journey. Arriving to her room she opens the door walking in setting her equipment on a chair across from the bed with the exception of her weapons which she keeps by her bed. Crawling into bed Rebecca closes her eyes and waits for day to break.

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PostSubject: Re: New Face in Town [open]   Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:26 pm

While the young Rebecca slumbers in her bead another traveler arrives at the Fisherman's Horizon in the dead of night, he walked into the small town with only the slight click of his boots giving away his presence. When a guard sees the traveler he smiles to the guard and tips his head gently in hello, the visitor at a calm pace makes his way toward the location of where he should set up shop. After walking through the sleepy streets for a few more minutes he arrives at his desired location, the building being the same one young Rebecca has taken to sleep within.

With a bit of work the man leaps up onto some stacked crates then onto some barrels before finally leaping up to the roof of the inn, after making sure he was properly balanced he laid on the roof an removed his weapon from his back. The weapon was a rather old fashion looking rifle yet had a certain elegance to it, the man chuckled a bit before saying "Vell my old friend....zeemz ve zhall claim another life thiz night......." The man set himself up a bit more on the roof as he aimed down into the town square of Fisherman's Horizon, soon he could see his target walking out of her home.

The woman was of no importance to the sniper but he was paid to kill her and kill her he would, making sure to take careful aim at her the man pulled the trigger and the bang of a gunshot filled the air. Soon enough the woman that was targeted hit the ground as a bullet hole through her head was made, to make it worse the wounds were exploded outward due to the special effect of the rifle. The man then sighed and said "May you rest in peace voman, for your zoul iz nov no longer bound to your mortal form....." This wouldn't of been much trouble for Rebecca if it wasn't for the fact the sniper's spot was right over her room and she would most likely hear all of the noise.

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Number of posts : 32
Age : 26
Location : hidden away from the glaring eyes of society in the shadows
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PostSubject: Re: New Face in Town [open]   Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:30 am

Waking to the loud gunshot from outside her window Rebecca jumps to her feet and grabs the gun by the bed and runs tot he window "What the f*ck was that?!?! That sounded like it came from right outside my window, but who would be smug enough to fire a gun that loud in a place as quiet as this?" looking out the window Rebecca couldn't see a gathering of people but could make out what they were hovering around as there wasn't mush light in that general direction. Trying to look for anyone out of what she considered the normal. "This is very strange i need to get dressed and get a closer look maybe even find out what just happened, they aren't my people but if i can help them out then perhaps they will stop viewing me as a bloody hostile." Walking back away from the window Rebecca grabs her gear and cloths from the chair and gets ready before heading outside to find out what went down.

Minutes later Rebecca walks out the front door of the inn and walks over to the crowd and looks around thinking to herself "This seems like an attack of a civilian, perhaps an act of vengeance or even an assassination either way the killer could not have gotten far." Turning back around she asks one of the people what had happened but gets no response. "Well this could be interesting, just trying to help out and still being shunned as an outcast. Maybe i should have stayed in bed, ugh...." Just one one of the townsfolk looked up pointing at Rebecca and yelled "Leave now you are a bad omen to the people of our town! You are the reason this lady is laying here dead, you were sent in to divert our attention so you could have another of your kind killed her! I say we run that Lescanzi vermin out of our town and then make her suffer for what she has caused!" Stunned buy the persons remark Rebecca didn't know what to say back to that other then "You don't need to bother you stubborn old fart! I will see myself out and by the way your judgement couldn't be any wilder cause i played no part in this killing so don't be blaming me just cause you have a hatred of what i am. I came here to maybe put aside your hatred and fears of my people to show that we are not your enemies but i see that will never change will it!!!! I hope you choke and die you scrooge! Rebecca then turned and began heading off in the eastern direction to leave the town.

Black is everything
Pull me right out of reality, the emptiness that's me
Black is everything
Put me right out of my misery, do what you want to me

Life outside goes on, my world is crashing inside out,
I'm gently hacking off the hinges
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PostSubject: Re: New Face in Town [open]   

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New Face in Town [open]
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