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Micro RPs
Fri Dec 26, 2014 5:21 pm by Tifa Lockhart
We got a new thing! Micro Rps are designed to be short, quick fire things. The rules and points are different in these, so be sure to read up on them before jumping in. Rules are important. Rules can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Think of it like Twitter, but less full of GamerGaters, misogyny and racism. At least it better be, banning people is such a hassle.

Go see. Explore. Find stuff. Join in. Peace and love


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 Searching for a new begining (open)

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PostSubject: Searching for a new begining (open)   Tue May 24, 2011 2:54 pm

Sitting in the back corner of the club at a booth Micheal has a large map unfolded on the table in front of him along with papers and diagrams of what appear to be different city grids. Large glass of beer at hand reach Micheal continually studies the maps and every so often jots notes down on paper. "If Shin-Rain wasn't such a greedy company then this wouldn't be so hard. I have to get Mom and Dad out of Midgar somehow before Shin-Rain decides that they are collateral damage."

Frustrated with the way things have turned out Micheal grabs his beer and slams it back, ordering another one from the waitress. "seems every were i turn i have to deal with them blasted Shin-Rain soldiers, there like ants they just keep on coming until you kill the queen or in this case President Rufus. The is no way in the 7 circles of Hades that i would have the strength let alone the fire power to take on Rufus and Shin-Rain head on so for now i have to bide my time and figure out how to get mom and dad safely out of the city without alerting Shin-Rain to my plans."

Aggravated by the loss of his Business, the threat made on his parents and the bounty on his head Micheal has to deal with more then the normal man would have to deal with in a lifetime. Slamming his fist down on the table Micheal looks around the bar thinking to himself. "This place would certainly be a strong location to work from if i am to rebuild what Shin-Rain destroyed. If i am lucky i might be able to find some spare guns who who hate Shin-Rain just as much as i do"

The Waitress arrives setting the beer on the table the waitress looks at the aggravated look on Micheal's face, she leans over and asks "Something bothering you cutie? Anything i might be able to help with? Looking over Micheal grins "At the present moment there's nothing you can do but i might have use of you in the near future." Micheal pays her for the beer and goes back to planning. He knows Midgar pretty well as he was raised there after all but with the looming threat of Shin-Rain waiting around every corner Micheal has to watch his steps.
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PostSubject: Re: Searching for a new begining (open)   Wed May 25, 2011 8:52 pm

Ohhh... These are interesting maps...

Dian, who was casually walking around the front doors of Club Caedo, decided to take a look inside, just to famirialize himself with the place that he'll be visiting many more times, the Universal Multiplex. And there, in one of the tables, a man was looking with a pair of serious-looking eyes at some maps. At first, Dian didn't took much notice of this, until he heard the man say something strange to the waitress.

...Well, I have no reason to judge. But this is not "that" kind of bar. Could he possibly have meant something else? Something that the waitress possibly didn't caught, for the way she kept looking that way...

And so, Dian decided to approach the table, and noticed that many of the maps, if not all, were from Midgar. He knew that for two reason: First, he was currently living in Midgar. Second: It said "Map of Midgar" on top of one of the maps. Pretty obvious, indeed. His curiosity radar had activated, and would not turn off for a while.

Excuse me mister, I know it's not my business, but you don't look like an architect or a treasure hunter, one of those that searches for treasure under cities. Just out of curiosity, may I ask, what are you using those maps for? And it looks pretty serious, for the look of your eyes.

Dian said all of that, again, without showing even the tiniest bit of emotion or feelings.
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PostSubject: Re: Searching for a new begining (open)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:05 pm

Micheal looks up and over and the newcomer to the club "Indeed you are correct i am neither a treasure hunter on an architect however the maps are helping me plan an escape route out of Midgar."

Grabbing is beer Micheal take a swig of it and puts it back on the table "You want something to drink? Its on me if you want one." Jotting down a few more notes on his paper if your interested i could always use a another hand in my planning execution if your willing to bust some Shin-Rain soldier skulls that is.'

Micheal has a strong determination in his eyes and it can be seen by his research just how determined he is. "Rufus has caused me nothing but trouble since the day i denied him the pleasure of using my inventions to cause harm to others.! I bloody hate Shin-Rain they are nothing but self centered business men with there own personal army."
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PostSubject: Re: Searching for a new begining (open)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:18 pm

Ok, if you insist, I would like some cola. He said, at the same time a waitress passed by and heard the message. Still a minor, and I can't stand alcohol too well...

Dian heard with attention this man's plan. An escape route out of Midgar? That explained the maps. He didn't said it clearly, but it seemed that he wanted to help some people under the surveilance of Shin-Ra to escape, and he also seemed to have a deep hate against that organization and it's president. But as Dian was also a newcomer to Midgar, and didn't know too much about it's politics or past history, he could make a wise judgment about this man's plan, but if he hated them that much, then they must have done something really bad.

I don't know too much about Shin-Ra, so I wouldn't know if to help you or not. In the short time I've been in Midgar, I've already had problems with that company, and I would like to avoid any more of those... They have crazy weaponry. But I could still help you in some way... I could call it "recreation to kill time" so my mind is at peace. But I won't go around breaking skulls or anything... Oh, by the way...

Dian, still with his blank face on, stretched out his hand.

My name is Shirogami Dian... No, Dian Shirogami. What's your name?
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PostSubject: Re: Searching for a new begining (open)   Wed May 25, 2011 9:34 pm

Micheal could tell that the kid was telling truth about what he knew of Midgar and Shin-Ra "Ok Dian good to see im not the only person to have a run in with them boys. Any help you are willing to lend me in the plan would be most appreciated."

Putting his hand out and shaking Dian's hand Micheal said with a grin on his face "Names Micheal Dane but i am also known as Ash by those who know me. Its nice to meet another face from the same location as me."

The waitress comes back with Dian's cola and sets it on the table "There you go. anything else i can get either of you?" Smiling she looks over at Micheal who pipes up "Sure ill have another beer, thanks." Handing the waitress the money for the drinks Micheal goes back to discussing the plans with Dian.

"So how much do you know about Midgar Dian? Any input you have could come in handy, i know Midgar quite well as i was raised there but every little bit of information could increase the chances of this plan going off without a hitch." Grabbing for his beer Micheal finishes it off.

"Well Dian it has been nice meeting you but I'm going to head off back to Midgar i need to do a little reconnaissance and see how my parents are holding up as well. Ill see you around kid." Micheal packs up his maps and papers rolling everything up and putting them in a satchel type bag. Micheal walks over to the waitress gives her a tip and his phone number then walks out the door.
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PostSubject: Re: Searching for a new begining (open)   Tue May 31, 2011 11:38 am

How much do I know about Midgar? Well, not much really, but I have good knowledge on hidding spots, passages and other things that might come in handy for you and your plan.

Dian thanked the waitress and drank his cola. He wasn't risky enough to give all of his support to this man, as he didn't want to get involved with Shin-Ra any longer. He was even thinking about finding a new place to live, but that was certainly improbable, as Midgar was the only place up until now that he sees as similar to his home, and the place with the highest amount of population and darkness, perfect for his mission.

Y'know, thanks to my "mission" I always go around checking places in Midgar, and if I find somehing interesting I could give you call. Something tells me it won't be hard to find you...

Dian waved his hand as a sign of goodbye to Ash, and stayed in the bar for a while before leaving too.

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PostSubject: Re: Searching for a new begining (open)   

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Searching for a new begining (open)
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